One Story Poem by praneeth remidi

One Story

Rating: 5.0

What are these emotional thoughts
Like the random laser beams in thousands
Raining in a closed room with no logic?
I want to hold them to get relieved from panic

I tried to hold at least a few of them
I jumped from one corner to the other
I crawled from one end to the other
I rolled round and round
But at least one I couldn't

I rested in one of the corners
To gather the strength to arrest the thoughts
Fortunately three thoughts fell on my eye

First thought was
The time when I saw her for the first and it was
The time when sun and fog fought to hug the earth
What a pleasing face and what a peaceful smile
Her walk has a mix of bold, care and shy

'In a reserve natured heart
An expressive desire born'

and now the second thought fell on me
that was an incident when I held her hand
so tightly that air cannot pass
not even the sweat can find a place
I looked at her eyes, they looked tensed
Observed the walk, it seemed to be dependent

'In an irresponsible heart
An endeavor for stability began'

And now the third thought fell on me
This was a place where
Unstoppable tears flown from four eyes
When the inevitable situations have stricken badly
What came from the two throats
Were more than Mere words.

Coz they are the farewell words between
The two loving souls
A farewell to the dream from the dreamt
A farewell to the forehead from the lips
A farewell to the hands from the tears
A feel no lesser than
A farewell from the soul to the body
A farewell to the bird from its wings

Those are the harsh decisions
Those are the sacrificing cries
In this short and magical life
The magic is lost for reasons
In this one beautiful life
Beauty is left behind

'In the pleasure packed heart
Then a vacuum was born'

After the third thought
I can no longer dare
For at least one any more
I came out from the closed room
To escape the thoughts
I started spending time on roads and in nature

But here I found lakh thoughts
Striking me for every second
The time has gone so far and
The thoughts have gone so deep
That I can no longer try to resist their invasion

Oo my magic, my music and my dream
I live with your thoughts in this world
I leave with your thoughts from this world

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