Ailuj Arabeg

My [secret] Angel - Poem by Ailuj Arabeg

With the eighteenth hour of the day,
Comes the view of the setting sun.
The days pass and she still has nothing to say,
Every dawn brings a new lady undone.

Lights are going down, she locks herself up in her room,
Sits by the window and waits for the moon.
The night sky rises, along with her tears,
Tears the angel cries for the secret she has to hear.

Souls are far from distance, but bound with pain,
Time equals self-destruction that’s never been so plain.
It aches me that her mind’s so full of treachery and lies,
Time has begun with her eyes.

For so long she’s been the pawn of her loved ones’ wicked games,
For so long her smiles meant sorrow and shame.
Never did she know what she was living for,
And she still does not know for her I opened my door.

One who was the angel among liars
Is now consumed by the demons.
Tormented by the letters she left in her diary
Is it now too late for her to hear my screaming?

'Oh, my angel, please listen to the words I will say,
And please, give now a meaning to my everyday.
I heard that the moon holds your tears every night,
The thoughts in your mind, they are far from being right.

I know you feel undone without a reason,
Just give me a word and I will hunt down all your demons.
I’ll unlock the secret I’ve been holding so far:
For you I’d reach and catch any star.

I opened the gates to life when I first saw your eyes,
And I’m not into your known game of lies.
I promise to make real your smiles and to kill all your pain,
Please, listen to me, for so long it’s been my greatest shame.

No longer I want to spend hours wondering how my angel’s been,
So please, let’s start our time in the land I want us to be in,
Please, give me the right word for me to be whole,
Or will you push me back into the floor of burning coal?

Oh my beauteous angel, the sun’s already waiting to show,
I should’ve closed this journal of fantasies long ago.
You’ll be listening to my cry again tonight,
When I travel back into my world of pure fiction and lies…'

Every dawn brings a new lady undone…

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, August 17, 2013

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