My Siblings Poem by Little King of Sorrows

My Siblings

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The oldest child, I am of four. Without the others, I'd be no more.
They pick me up, they shove me down, they make me smile, they make me frown.
My greatest friends! I love so much. A life of hell, we've seen so much.
And through it all. It brings me pride. The bond we feel. Forever tied.
While many sibs, are filled with hate. It's not for us, we can't relate.
Stuck in the middle, our parents behavior. The other the bad guy, but neither a savior.
Year after year, abuse and neglect, childhood unstable, we all now reflect.
Step-parents and juvies, through years split apart, but each of us carried, those 3 in our heart.
So this one's for you, I swell with such pride, who shared in the torment, when innocence died.

Ryan the odd name, no k or no c.
A few of the traits, that have always made me.

Religious and Caring,
Youthful and Daring,
Attentive and Smart,
Noble at Heart.

Kyle my twin, but not really so,
But inside and out, each other we know.

King of the Jesters,
Yardstick like gestures,
Laughter's Musician,
Exudes Competition.

Kara's free spirit, a beautiful soul,
but life with 3 brothers, her sleeves she will roll.

Knowledge Astounding,
Astrology Abounding,
Rare as a diamond,
Alone as an island.

Corey the youngster, king tinny maker,
he's brash and he's brave, but never a faker.

Clever and Sharing,
Ornery and Caring,
Rambunctious and Blaring.
Energetic and Willful,
Youngest and Skillful.

Just one more thing, as the hours passed by, next time I do this, I'm skipping the Y! ! !

© 2013 L.K.Sorrows

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