A Friend Forever Poem by Little King of Sorrows

A Friend Forever

Rating: 5.0

Through all I said, and all I've shown,
you must know by now your not alone.
I come and go just like a wave,
Not one to hold you like a slave.
I demand to care and that you know,
you always have a place to go,
inside of me a spot I saved,
within my heart, you name engraved.
Your painful story cut like knife,
when you claimed you tried to end your life,
if again that sorrow takes it's toll,
give me the chance to make you whole.
No matter where I go from here,
don't ever call my name in fear,
A friend forever, I swear on my son,
My time with you, is never done.
You are so special, so very dear,
I hope I somehow made that clear.
I know not what you think of me,
or if your friend I even be,
At least I know these words are true,
I'll always save my best for you.
A simple write, as my time is rushed,
a simple picture, I quickly brushed,
Give up on me, if you feel you must,
but my intentions were pure, it wasn't lust.

© 2013 L.K.Sorrows

Mary Skarpathiotaki 07 July 2018

Great poem for friendship10????????????

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Heather Wilkins 22 June 2013

lovely thoughts about friendship. true friendship will last forever.

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Patricia Grantham 01 June 2013

This is a magnificent poem about true friendship. Good friends will stick by each other through thick and thin. Will continue to love and never forsake. Good rhyme and rhythm. I really enjoyed this gem.

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