Daniel Reurink

Freshman - 701 Points (August 8,1990 / Lethbridge Alberta Canada)

My Story - Poem by Daniel Reurink

this place alone I feel the heat

that pumps my heart into a slow beat

for once I was a man in ray

that shone in hope a rightful way

once before I was forgotten lost

in a place of voids and twisted costs

I fell into a star eclipse

and as I knew I must subsist

this thread of life uncoiled my core

and thus the truth I began to bore

a snake that tunneled the core of my heart

and thus the way was paved in start

in this mood I felt I knew my state

and thus interdependence I began to relate

the mountain scenes and coastal beaches

were within my minds far away reaches

the green, the rocks, the moment I read

were my heart was flat out dead

broken into a million shattered glasses

I knew for once I knew the lashes

this crown of despair I had so dreaded

was a demon of lust that must be fedded

a wolf who hungers at a lambs slaughter

was were I came to my own fodder

the eye that see's this inward glance

and created in such a way and trance

I moved and mused to the universes stars

and felt the magma cool my scars

so when I was and was I am

I felt as though I was grande

to read about my life in scenes

was what was making my brain scheme

this scheme, a poem, a spell, a crime

that the fruit of poison insisted in time

debased this prophet of unwinding hell

into an existential particle hell

in this palce I entered twice

my atoms were cut up and were spliced

I thought I saw the pillars of peace

and thus I thought that I may release

the books to comprehend the muse of mind

were spelled out before me in the fiend

was the place I felt so entwined

the hell inside, the black hole bind

is were for once you see the line

this faded line that must not be crossed

along the event horizen of dead at all cost

so then in sleep awoken I was sublime

and I began to feel the soul of mine

this soul I searched began to infuse

itself with love so I may use

disorder upon the fold was set in play

and reason the order light years away

once perhaps I will tell you why

that the living dead is all inside

yet heaven above sends earthly guise

so rich in harmony to swell the lies

let me now sing to you

my mind is clear, refreshed, renewed

for this place alone I hold to fast

and this particle existence is my last

the breath of death is were it began

and I was infused with this land

I recite myself in lines that hope

you will live your life in ray of dope

so which upon this time I think

the universe is mine and linked

my thoughts estrange my fleeting groans

that will itself along the foam

the beating core my mind now seeks

is a refuge to the small and weak

this poem I know is mine to keep

and ponder as I think and sleep

let me recite how it all began

the love of Venus was to much to stand

I fell into a spell of depression

and felt as thought in commision

was to were I must take to sea

as the shores and coasts were apart of me

the waves kept rolling as my mind searched

for the answer to control its hurt

this pain I felt is like no other

except when Zeus diminished his own brother

I fell under the spell of nature

and a chemical change came to my rapture

and thus the green felt its place

consumed I was and rather dispalced

elegance I thought was a knight at bay

until this stooper diminished the way

the spell of nature so enacted

that I must be teleported and so reacted

to the breath of death upon my soul

and this is when consumed at whole

at once my mind percieved the world

the twists and twirls of what is curled

inside our brain, inside this mess

I began to ponder at best

the only reason I could relate

I must of visited hell on this date

so then one night at the lake

I gave my sould torwards the fates

and once the psell activated my mind

books and theories were so divine

the poems I wrote about this place

were rather infused with a holy face

so once upon the night of that

the formula came to my mind in fact

yet whose to say what is so true

am I delusional without a clue?

the thesis I wrote began to ensnare

all the universe at a glare

and though at once it felt so right

could my mind be confused at its own sight

as the years have passed I have now shown

that the winds of south have seldom blown

I can now see this guise of self

and I know infact its my own wealth

so now seated on this chair

I can tell you that I know whats fair

to be blinded by reason the selfless urge

that love inside may only purge

as you may see part of me

in this prose I know I'm free

to watch myself upon this land

and know for fact I only stand

upon my feet I know whats right

so must I test myself tonight?

so free, careless, controlled and willed

to avoid is to be all but stilled

as now for once my words align

and to the stars our wills will shine

divine in rhyme I feel the core

as this truth of mine is my own door

yet death knocking close inside

is why I must keep my confide

if I begain to tell my story

o the horors of life and glory

so as I write I write I know I must

give way to self and bestial lust

perhaps to you I am alone

this is what i make myself shone

the trips to magic lands and places

were dimensions and comprehension heals faces

inside our soul you will find a tree

that is what teams within so free

so fire your core let truth restore

a fatality of life you must abhor

begin anew with friends and past

for who knows which day may be your last

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