My Testimony Poem by Rhyme sonny

My Testimony

Sometime ago I was wondering
How to get my daily bread, I was struggling with life
My heart was trembling
I was suffering
I was drinking, lying, backbiting people killing and quarrelling
I realize my whole life was falling and crumbling
I needed someone who is loving and caring
Who could do all my supplying?
In a moment, listen, my eye was twinkling and focusing on the most high God
I went on my knees and started praying
Lord, take my soul I need your healing
Now my days have started multiplying
My path is just as the light shining
My life is blinking and sparkling
There is a new song in my mouth which I will be singing
And as I sing, I will do the jiggy jiggling dancing
I have hope in the Lord my heart is not troubling
My cup is overflowing, it is amazing
I will pray morning, afternoon and evening
And as I pray
I say
Lord show me the way
And I will obey
Grant me peace especially today
You are with me, I will not be dismay
Because you will make a way
Where there seems to be no way
Before I was afflicted I went astray
But now I have kept thy word and I am in your presence to stay
You brought me up out of a horrible pit, out of the miry clay
You cleansed me, clothed me and served me on a tray
Blessed be the Lord for not given us up as prey
For their teeth, for your thanks
I can’t invite you for a buffet
I can’t present to you a bouquet
If you name a prize, honestly I can’t pay
All I say is glory be to your name for not casting me away

Abdul Basit 02 January 2018

nice poem and great creativity. i think you will like my poem 'printed footsteps of the past' and 'they claim the city'

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