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My Thoughts (C) - Poem by Melvina Germain

We are amazing human beings created by that which we truly do not know. We can kneel and pray to Jehovah, Allah, Yehweh, and so forth, that invisible force we encompass in all to be God.

Some may call out to the universe, that massive force of energy, gaze toward the sky enjoying fallen stars. It is said by astrophysicists that we are stardust as such is found within our bodies. With such knowledge, scientifically speaking we are in fact a part of the universe. Hence when we die that stardust within our bodies goes back to the universe as our flesh becomes dust, but do we really die meaning nothing more or is nothing everything.

Our minds and souls never die, they too are invisible. God is invisible, our souls and minds are invisible. You can not physically touch our minds though the brain is clear to see and can be operated on. Food for thought perhaps but I think still explainable as the mind might move on prior to the failing of the brain. The soul which is the 'you' also can not be touched, it is not flesh so in fact it too moves forward. We become that infinite energy that soars the universe, that spiritual, supernatural, that unexplainable source which keeps the human mind embraced in a phenomenal query.

This in its simple form tells me without a doubt, it is impossible to die. Death is a mere process that takes us to our home of eternity. Man with his morbid outlook has turned death into a dark, dismal and negative experience when that ought to be the time we begin our celebration. My friend Sue Gaddess understood that very well, when she was preparing to leave us, we joked, we laughed and we shared. You see we began our celebration while she was physically still here and we carried on that celebration with her presence in spirit afterward. I became her host, O I know some of you are having a problem with that one, however that matters not, let the truth be told. She orchestrated her own celebration of life on earth through me and I was delighted, uplifted and Blessed to do so. A tremendous and remarkable experience unfolded. That amazing experience once again instilled in me that we do not die. A transition takes place and we move beyond.

Sometimes children come into this world for a very short period, I call them Angels passing through. They are momentary gifts in the physical that go back to the spirit quickly. We are to absorb as they pass through this universe, they are a true Blessing who touch us inwardly forever. Their short lives were for a reason but as our minds have been hindered and affected by mankind's inability to comprehend what is beyond, we are left in a place of confusion, a darkness suffering depression instead of rejoicing the non suffering of these visiting Angels.

Evil has found its way into the portholes of weakness often perpetrated merely by a few, and the masses stands in fear afraid to die, afraid to pass through that beautiful place of peace.

If we took time away from evil, away from the fear of evil mongers, away from fighting, away from the darkness of depression and all the pain thereof and concentrated on the truth of who we are and what we can do in regard to the power we hold within and realized that we can overcome. Think about that, we then would have ample time to learn what our uniqueness can accomplish. In this massive world no two individuals are alike but we find groups, we find clicks and conjure up reasons to fire bombs and hatred at difference, the difference of race, the difference of religion, the difference of gender preference.

Folks if we were meant to fight our skin would be comprised of metal fragments, we would have a hard exterior in order to fend off weapons. Is it that difficult to believe that we were created to love, honour and respect each other, to help and protect each other, to see each other for who we truly are, to enjoy the greatness that surrounds us.

Man has become a beast, can we tame that beast, remove the weapons, heal the wounds. Reach out, learn and experience from our generous surroundings. Truly we are encompassed in the wonders of the universe, every inch of us is embraced by the supernatural surrealism of the universe.

We lose so much and gain so little as we allow ourselves to be taken in by temporary fixes. The solution to all the pain in this world is to realize, no matter who we are, what race, what religion, what gender, we are all connected and our time on this earth is very short. With that thought in mind, we must realize there is no time to fight, no time to hate. We ought to be preparing ourselves for that marvellous journey beyond knowing we will become the stars that the new generations reach out too.

My thoughts ladies and gentlemen, take what you can use and leave the rest...Melvina Germain…..

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Form: Prose Poem

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  • Edward Kofi Louis (1/12/2016 2:12:00 AM)

    May Yahweh guide you on. Thanks for sharing. (Report) Reply

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