William Montgomery

My Undead Queen - Poem by William Montgomery

Chapter 1: As the sun goes down and there's only the silence of night.

I begin my search for a mortal to bite but not just any human this one must be right.

For under her rule all the creatures of the night will finally unite.

Her skin must be as pale as the moon and i must find her soon.

For every minute i waste another wolf is born and i do not wish to feel their scorn.

Finally a lady of the night is in sight shes tall and fair with long flowing red hair.

Yes shes the one and with one bite she will be stricken with this plight.

At first she, ll Experience more pain than shes ever known but before long.

i, ll have her sitting upon a throne to lead us to feed and satisfy our unholy greed

with her by my side as my beautiful bride we will reign over human kind her lips are as cold as her skin and the room fills with sin i grab her neck and gently kiss the fang marks from where i bit then we cuddle and sit

watching the world go by knowing that we will never die feeding on flesh and leaving behind a bloody mess Its not long before the mortals raise a army to hunt us down and its finally time for us to leave belfast town to Paris we go where more blood will flow only this time the killings will be on show for the whole world to know.

Chapter 2: we slice and bite our way through the city its just a pity that people have to die i don't know why but people have to die are we really using blood to survive and for our bodies to thrive my wife is at my side and shes in for a hell of a ride the humans have sent hunters out heavily armed but wont allow her to be harmed i strike them down with precision and speed only stopping briefly to feed but from the corner of my eye i see a man with a gun aiming at my queen what happens next is quite a scene i hear the sound of the gun letting off a shot and i start to feel hot like the sun is inside me i burn up and feel life being drained it was that moment that it rained the water felt good on my pale skin but this is a fight we can not win i hear a scream and then i wake up its all been a dream i wake in my bed with thoughts running through my head i check my skin to see if i am truly undead but no i am just a mortal like every one else luckily the red haired queen is real and i tell her how i feel that in the summer sun we are gonna have some fun i cant wait to be at her side my feelings i cant hide

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