Name Poem by Natasha Andeyi


Rating: 5.0

How I got myself to talk about you for a time I can't keep track is the reason enough to believe that I had enough love for you. I now know that when you love truly, if you ever do, it never fades away. It might change in state but it never ends.

You had impact in my life, you still do. I can talk about you for hours with so much zeal and passion that I end up thinking I'm still in love with you.
The things love makes us do.
You got me wrapped around your fingers, it's like all you have to say is the word and I'm on the move.

But at least I know what I felt was real and true, that I can actually put someone first in this train of life I couldn't share with anyone.
Glad I gave a piece of my heart away even with all the reasons fear shoved at my face.
That even though the return was lime, I would do it all over again!

So I thank the universe for the blessing that was you to the blessing that is Nat.
Grateful that I got a taste of the feeling called love.
It might not have gone as I hoped it would, But some things are best experienced as they come because then we truly know what life is about.
I don't hate you, I never will. Because if I once loved you, that is all I'll ever feel... for true love never fades away. Maybe for a change in its name.

Leann aka. Lee-Lee Pilgrim 29 October 2021

This poem is so beautiful now I'm crying and can not seem 2 stop

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