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Looking & searching for true love,
Painfully Failing twice,
Finally, I gave up, tired of feeling hurt like after a fall from a painful shove,
Finally, I called a truce.

All my life,
I have felt nothing but terrible bad pain,
My day by day daily life feels like being stabbed by a knife,
Bruises, scars and wounds is something daily I gain.

Black, white, mix, albino, women, men, young, old, homosexual, heterosexual, rich, poor, it doesn't matter we fight,
Until are chains are tight,
And it ain't right.
On the inside we are the same,

Cry myself to sleep,
My heart has a hole so too deep.
From a search of true love,
Wondering when I get to see the beautiful dove.

I give up, I don't want to live anymore,
Why hold on to life when you have no reason to be alive? ,
It hurts to remember the broken promises people swore,
I have no family, no friends, and nobody to give me a reason to live.

Oh Alex, why? ,
Why cause me this terrible pain? ,
Oh Alex, now my thoughts are full of nothing but ways that I can die,
What happiness and pleasure out of this did you gain? .

On the outside, all seems fine,
But on the inside,
I'm on my knees,
Screaming and crying for someone to love me, begging someone out there, please.

Oh my love,
Oh my love, where have you wander to?
Oh my love, are you hurt or in sorrow, please tell worry has wrapped itself around me like a tight glove, Oh my love, a day without you is like a day without oxygen, please let me see or hear from you.
Oh my love, oh how I miss you,

Patience and longing,
For the owner of the voice of my lonely future lover,
Am I imagine, the voice that comforts me to sleep and cause me calming,
For the more I hear the voice of my future lover.

Can't you see the through my eyes,
Can't you see the gray skies,
Then if so why cause more pain?
What out of it do you gain?

Oh, my heart,
Is drowning in all the tears I've cried,
Oh, how it is still chained to my dear A.C., like how unseen secrets are chained to the world's most greatest and most beautiful art.

Why do I get hurt whenever I fall in love,
In the end they end up hurting me? ,
When I beg and plead with them to tell me why all I get is silence and laughter back even after all of me that I gave,
I can't feel anything inside expect for pain, agony, longing for someone who may have never really care for me.

Sorrow & agony is a daily feeling for me,
It makes me feel like I can't breathe,
I wish these two feelings would just let me be,
I feel like I'm drowning but everyone around can breathe.

Breaking inside while I watch you smile and laugh from afar,
Feeling inside like I'm being ripped piece by piece and put back together again,
Over and over again breaking inside from afar,
The unbearable and agonizing pain.

This pain is unbelieve agonizing,
The pain is hidden all day,
But at night the pain is surfacing,
Oh, will someone put the shatter pieces of my heart back together so this agonizing pain can go away.

The agonizing daily pain and longing is starting to wear me down,
Oh, it's unbearable to have to deal with this darkness and emptiness inside,
I don't want to be in this darkness of agony and longing continuous over and over drown,
Of can someone save me from agonizing pain of longing and misery inside

The feelings of love,
Is the most amazing wonderful feeling that anyone could ever imagine,
More beautiful and pure than the purest white dove,
It feels 10 times greater than any pain or any sorrow that anyone could imagine.

Do you see the world through open eyes?
Or do you live life blind?
Because if you do then you might as well living life in blind lies,
Believe me, that life is not a happy kind.

All my life, I've felt numb from the lack of being loved,
Now, true love has been found and I can finally feel again,
No more pain and loneliness, only plans for when the times to wed,
Finally, my wish finally came true and now I have now kissed goodbye the past pain,

Nobody sees,
Nobody Knows,
Good that way because I'm better off on my own,
Why, oh why.

Leann(Lee-Lee) Pilgrim Biography

I created this in hope of finding my birth siblings Paula Moore, James Pilgrim, Bobby Ray Pilgrim and the other one is unknown to me. I am the daughter of the (deceased) Kenneth Anderson Black Pilgrim and Barbara Bell Franklin and also for people to know or also compared to my feelings in my poem and related to it or just know nobody in the world has a perfect life. I've always wanted to be happy and loved for as long as I could remember because I've been sexual, physical and mental abused for as long as I can remember all the way to age 15 and I was about to turn 16 in four months and then I finally build up enough courage to figured out a plan on how to get to someone who could help me and get me out of there and I finally left my old abusive adopted family home and now I'm in a level 2 group home and I just turned 17 years old on March 1,2022. Also, just got accepted into a 16-21 program where I can live on my own.)

The Best Poem Of Leann(Lee-Lee) Pilgrim

True Love At Last

Looking & searching for true love,
Painfully Failing twice,
Finally, I gave up, tired of feeling hurt like after a fall from a painful shove,
Finally, I called a truce.
Not knowing someone else was doing the same, not even when we both first met each other,
Not until, for sometime sickness forced us both to be apart,
During that time, finally then, did him and I both realize how we felt and then we started to fear of one not feeling the same way about the other,
Not until, he drew the courage to show how he and I showed I felt the same then did we both realize real true love is worth the wait to know now it can be more beautiful then the beautifulest of art,
In the end, all the pain of being hurt was worth it because when real true love was finally found it was 10 times greater than the pain could ever get.

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Leann(Lee-Lee) Pilgrim Quotes

I have finally found love through the pain, In the end of all the pain the amount of love I felt is greater than the pain.

Do we ever get to live life at any moment without feeling pain or fear. Because I stop feeling lonely and the bad pain I felt when someone I cared about would hurt me. But now I have the fear that any day he could stop loving me and wouldn't want me anymore and a fresh new pain would come.

Today I sat at my computer read todays new quotes and new poems and all I see is how important money is but it ain't because true happiness can not be bought and true love can not be bought. My favorite bible saying 'The love of money is the root of all evil.' U can have money but when money becomes your everything real life happiness fades away.

Is it better 2 say U love 2 some1 knowing your lying because your still love, care and feel like U need the 1 person that hurted U be4 but sadly If he wanted me 2 I would run a back 2 him. So I had 2 let go of the person with me now 2 be able 2 be yourself

The old me is so gone because today is a new beginning and I'm not let the person who ripped my heart out get off at my dying inside and how am I going to get success of finding me someone who truly loves me for who I am. It's time for a change, because this girl looked in the mirror and said it's time she changes her ways from being so negative about herself. So, I'm single now in search of someone who truly loves me for me, but his time I'm not rushing it so I get this search will not turn into another heartbreak for me.

Oh, how I didn't not know the search for someone who would truly love me for me is so terribly painful while I continue to search for it. It seems to grow more and more day by day when you have no one to turn to that would understand your pain, a person you know you can trust and won't abandon you when you need them because life trumna and pain has cause you so much pain, agony, loneliness, and terrible, terrible sorrow. Oh, I just want to be happy is that too much to ask for? Oh, I don't want to feel no more of that false love that has cause me to be so broken I want to know what it's looks like and what it feel like? . Oh, God have you abandon me like all in my life have? . Because, if so oh how I beg you to return and help me fight to survive this horrible and empty world.

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