Nature Is Eternal Everywhere As God Manifestation! Poem by Ramesh T A

Nature Is Eternal Everywhere As God Manifestation!

All pervading Nature is like God everywhere in the Universe;
Beauty of Nature inspires all with best of mood, creativity;
Creative works of art and scientific inventions it inspires!

Diversities in Nature are unique features of Nature All admire;
Everything we see everywhere has come from Nature as source;
Fulfilment of all beings is assured after all evolutions in it!

God has manifested his attributes through beauty, music of Nature;
High spiritual state one can attain only in communion with Nature;
I, you, we and all have beginning and end only in Nature sure...!

Joy we experience in Nature is bliss and everlasting for all;
Kindness, gentleness and love natural to all comes from Nature;
Life, love, beauty, joy, peace and liberation are due to Nature!

Mountains, hills, sky, plains, valley rivers, sea and ocean are it;
New, old, eternal and novel things and lives thrive in Nature;
Open to all Nature loves, bears and compensates good and bad sure!

Power of Nature is known by storms, rains, tremors and floods;
Quick and slow changes are Nature's specialty in seasons ever;
Repetition, renovation, revival and renewals are for evolution!

Sustained growth despite destructions, Nature enliven all ever;
Teacher great Nature is besides being friend, mother and guide;
Universe with all Stars and planets with lives is Nature divine!

Verily Nature never leaves in despair reindling all to be so;
World, life, Nature, Universe and God are all in one forever;
X, Y andZ may be looking diverse but they all parts of Nature!

Young, old, new and eternal are processes of things in Nature;
Zeal of creativity covers all as process of evolution for perfection!

Ramesh T A

Ramesh T A

Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
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