Nature Is Getting Angry Poem by Francis Duggan

Nature Is Getting Angry

I feel for all of those thousands who in Coastal Asia died
And for the million made homeless their hopes and dreams destroyed
By that sea quake or tsunami that ripped through many a coastal Town
That flattened houses on it's path and in the huge wave thousands did drown.

I feel powerless for to help them and it would seem to me
That few could have anticipated such a huge Natural tragedy
When a massive wall of water three thousand kilometres in width or more
From Africa to Asia swept up the coastal shore.

In Southern Asia where the most damage has occured the death toll in thousands rise
The ferocity of Nature's anger the survivors realize
Against the power of Nature we seem powerless and small
The tragic deaths and the sufferings of hundred of thousands
is a warning to us all.

That Nature is getting angry and she is one to fear
From all corners of the World of her fury we hear
For to make us show respect for her up to two hundred thousand have to die
And what has happened to those unfortunate people can happen to you and I.

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