Nelson Mandela ' They Say Mandela Died' Poem by Sylva Portoian

Nelson Mandela ' They Say Mandela Died'

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The Mandela (1918-2013)

They Say, Mandela died
I say Mandela will never die with his
Hopeful, Innocent, Brave Smile...How can He Sigh...?
“The Mandela...With His Hopeful Innocent Smile”
forwarded to him on December 1,2012 and received
very nice thanks email from his foundation...I am proud of.

I love to see this Human...The Mandela...
Although he lives far away...
But He is in my heart firing poems...'poem-ness'

I like his clear innocent eyes...Looking for justice
Wishing to seed at every terrain...
I like his smile... full of Hopes
Like a baby searching for cuddle...for love
Not to receive... but to give...

He is a prophet... a saint- -
Those... suffered to spread faiths.
Mandela suffered to spread equality...
For every race... among the humaneless

He applied his phrases...
He wanted to teach to behave...

Nelson...a real human...
In him the truth...the justice breathes in every cell*
Born and possess the genes to guide the innocent populace...

He is the guider for those
who are asking equality... freedom-ness
To lead their roads...spreading Love...
Carrying their torches...Igniting the dark terrains

(C) Sylva Portoian, MD
'A Poetic Soul Shined of Genocides*,2008
* Nelson Mandela refused to receive Turkey's Ataturk Peace Award on May 1992 and why? ... because He knew most Turks committed Armenian Genocide including Ataturk (not the father of Turks, but he was the father of the criminals) .
Nelson refused to receive an award, which was covered with Innocents’ blood since a millennium and before the Armenian Genocide of April 24,1915.
Sylva Portoian 13 December 2013

I just entered the verse and some one rated 5, who is the one no one read the verse yet...? It seems someone who is racist... Dear 5/10 rater If someone is black it doesn't mean Thee has black heart... If someone looks white, may be he has cyanotic blood with black cardiocytes... Back or whites all will end in dusts can never differentiate between the colors... by dear Mr / Ms 5.

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