Who Says 'My Faith Is Best' Poem by Sylva Portoian

Who Says 'My Faith Is Best'

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Who says ‘My Faith Is Best'?
They don't recognize what that faith is
They don't feel what is 'Soul of Faith'...
They are illiterate in all faiths...
As there is no faith which is best!

There are faiths who respect every race as humans,
Respect even those who are faithless!
Faith is having real faith in mankind
As it never intends harming any one.

People don't curse others because they aren't like thems,
Helping humans in every case.
There are faiths that say that females are half human
Although they are born from mothers like men!

So they are born from half,
Thus they are half of the half.
How can you believe in those humans
And call them a faithful race?

They cover their women in very ugly ways
So they can't see even their god's sunrays.
It's as if they rose from graves
To teach others they have special faiths.
They want everyone to cover like thems.

Faiths are faiths—
Understand...faith in your own talented way.
Don't repeat what others echolalialy say;
Believe in yourself and create your own faith.
Your faith must be based on harming no one else
As everyone will one day be no more than vestige,

And find happiness by what you created and helped.
That is to say, you're a creator,
Proud to create your own faith;
That is from your own cardiac and brain cells
Stay and believe!

Winter 2008

People They run after faithless...Those who pretend...are full of faith...!
Sylva Portoian 17 April 2013

My feeling says, More cohorts should read And apply this poem... Reading without Application... Does-not mean any thing...! ! !

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Sylva Portoian 20 November 2012

Thanks for All who forwarded me faithful comments... Sylva

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Joseph Anderson 07 June 2012

My faith speaks to me and says- in our works here on earth shall be our reward. Your writings are very stimulating and thought evoking

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Hans Vr 19 May 2012

Amazing, Sylva. I tried to epress the same message in a poem at almost the same time. Please read the poem Y.... Who? on my page.

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Diane Hine 18 May 2012

Excellent philosophy and poem.

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