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All Poets Of Poem Hunters Awake...Let Us Stop All The Wars

All Poets of The Poem Hunters
Awake on This Site-Let Us all Unite

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Teach Your Child Love, Yes, Nothing Else

Teach yours love, Yes, nothing else.
Talent will grow if love enters race.
Teach your child love, watch flowering life
In gardens, in deserts and in chilly space.

All Poets Awake To Stop Wars

You are never Black
Hughes; You need a Hag

How Unlucky The Poets Are...!

How unlucky the poets…are
They don't know
How unlucky they are…!

Who Says 'My Faith Is Best'

Who says ‘My Faith Is Best'?
They don't recognize what that faith is
They don't feel what is 'Soul of Faith'...
They are illiterate in all faiths...

Faith Is Dead

“What should I say?
Since Faith is dead”
Sir Thomas Wyatt penned,
Before five century
It is still true...After so long...
To repeat... ‘Faith is dead’...;

My Songs In Me...I Want To Sing

My Songs in Me

My songs in me,
I want to sing,

E-Mails: Beneath Blossoming Trees

Imagine your self somewhere
Sitting under blooming trees
Sending from your hearted mind
E-mails, helping others to feel free,

Joy In Sadness

Find in your sadness,
The utmost joy
The spelling's different,
Both are cloy.

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