Never Ends Poem by Yulissa Fregoso

Never Ends

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People have to learn that love is something that starts....
but will never end no matter what you do.
No matter how much you say your over them every person you love...
will always have a specail place in your heart.
It will never end.

Love is so powerful when it starts it does not end it goes on forever.
Doesn't matter if you say your just friends just think that in the back of your mind you always end up think about him. Remember Love will......
Never End

Yaci Pachenco 23 November 2009

thats is good... put what is love when it comes hate? love that got you wrong? love that do not take you right? ? ? ...

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John Knight 30 October 2009

Hi Yulissa - What you say is so so true and even after more than 50 years our first love comes back to haunt us. Even when people have 'Gone to Glory' their love still stays with us. The advantage of this is as we grow older we are srrounded by a cloud of former lovers and as the Frank Sinatra song says 'Once in a while along the way - Love's been good to me'. It is allthose memories and experiences of love which helps us to keep going as we get older. The Good Book says 'Love never fails' that is true of God's love for all of us. Your very poignant observation that 'Love never ends' is certainly my experience of human love. On balance I would say it is a good thing. Nice poem - good thoughtful contenet - I give it a MAX. Love in poetry - JOHN.

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