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As i walked past you your smile
Lighted my day becuase
On a bad day you suddenly
Make it a wonderful day


As I smiled you tried to ignore it becuse our love is forbiden.
Everybody called us stupid becuase we were so you and
you are older but when I look away my heart stops and then........

This poem is to thank my mommy and daddy enjoy!

You raised me from the start.

Every human no matter how strong you are
Needs Family even if you have the craziest
Family every they will always be there no matter what
Family is like love God made them for a reason

People have to learn that love is something that starts....
but will never end no matter what you do.
No matter how much you say your over them every person you love...
will always have a specail place in your heart.

You walk into the lighted up house.
Boom the smell hits you baking food and the nosie shocks you.
Family is gathered around the table smiling and singing
'jingle bells jingle all the way'


Haters don’t hurt me they inspire me.
Don’t hate cuz you’ll get a poem written about you.
Haters will go through anything cuz believe it or not
There are people in this wrold would pay to see you frown.

Will we be together …
Or will it soon fade away?
I really hope that our love will last sentries.

Lost in a painful dream.
Soon I realize it’s not a dream but a Nightmare.
My eyes slowly try to find the light.
Our lost relationship was once pure love but now lies.


As a little girl my pearnts allways said follow your dreams.
But as I grew up I realized that following dreams was one
of the hardest things ever.
Anyways I was not giving up my dreams were going to come ture

As I walk by you I form.....
A Fake Smile
Across my face
You and I will never be the same

This is for all the poeple how think that
I am going to do nothing in my life becuase I am

I promise I’ll always be there when you cry
When you smile
When you laugh
When you yell

All realty is catching up to me
I now realize my mistake was you
There will always be a place in my heart for you
Any time anywhere I’ll be thinking of you


Everybody ask me.....
Who is he?
I say........
The one that taught me how to live.

The way you look at me
The way you stare
The way you don’t care
What anybody says

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Hi my names Yulissa Fregoso poetry is my way to express my feelings. I have been writing poetry since I was like 8 and it means the world to me when people comment so thank you to all my viewers.)

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The only thing that every girl needs is friends to keep her smiling when every thing brings her down to to be there when shes falling down to be there to pick her right up and just say sa 'Did you know I'll always be here for you' then she smiles and you now that that smile meant so much that is why god created friends.

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