Joe Rosochacki

Neverland Has Finally Come Home - Poem by Joe Rosochacki

La-La Land was in mourning for a ‘Charlie’s Angel” that went back,
-- to heaven.
Farrah Fawcett lost her battle with cancer she battled for years.
She was the model poster for all the young guys growing up,
Looking at her hair, eyes, and her stack.
The world awaited her passing,
Farrah made documentary about her illness,
When all it would be basically said,
Ryan O’ Neil married her as she lay upon her deathbed.
“Love is not having you to say you’re sorry.”
Barely, hours after her passing, the world found that “Wacko Jacko” died.
In a way, not being Buddy Holly, the day some music died.
In Michael's apparent quixotic dream to make himself what he was not,
Facial reconstruction, unlimited plastic surgeries,
His wanted to be Caucasian-WHAT? !
But he was the true “King of Pop”, that is no denial there.
To paraphrase a person that knew him well,
“Do you think, how Michael Jackson ran his life,
-did you think that this story would end well? ”
So the demise of Farrah would take a back seat to Michael on the “Larry King Show”.
Jackson was about to kick off, no pun intended, his “This Is IT” tour,
With a scheduled opening in London in July.
Jackson, unlike, Farrah I sense, died a lonely person that’s for sure.
It was his genius in pop music that was astounding.
He re-invented choreography,
His lyrics and his recordings and his videos,
Were beyond reproach.
But his personal life, the aforementioned surgeries, his playing with boys,
Having boys share his bed with him, Neverland and Peter Pan.
His sleeping in a decompression chamber, his chimp, Bubbles,
He supposedly died of drug interactions or an overdose of Demerol,
I think personally that soul died before that.
He had a hard life and he made harder.
I will miss Michael for all his enigmatic behaviors and truly his genius of pop music.
As far as Farrah is concerned,
Farrah taught me to fight on and never take no for answer.
And pass on with dignity.
Farrah could’ve taught Michael a thing or two.
They have all time in infinity to get together.


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Poem Submitted: Friday, June 26, 2009

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