Nate Tulay

New Day - Poem by Nate Tulay

I took a moment and reminded myself
it was just a bad dream! The worst is over, I
repeated to myself, let go of the past Nate-
Awake, dark, can't see, can hear the swift
wind cutting through the fan as my outstretched
arms whizzed when they made contact
with the sheets! Headphones snap open, hands
trembling as I turned them on…

I reminded myself, it was just a nightmare—
(deep breath, deep breath)
Everything is fine, the sun will rise in a couple of hours!
Volume up, indecipherable static, music, sonic
boom, ears vibrating— A torrent of sonic blast
waves flowing through the vibration, and I gaze off—
Complete silence, invisible tears slipping down
my brother's eyes as I stared into them! Confused,

I couldn't see the piercing nights and
bloody days that were approaching, but he could!
He was preparing, his dark flesh was already covered
in an armor made of titanium! Mine wasn't, I
still had my innocence! A naive toddler ignorant
of Lady Death's touch— Nobody had prepared me
for how vicious Death's touch would be…
(Deep breaths)

(Boom! , Boom!)
Loud cracks in the silent air like a firework display!
Bullets spiraling like a typhoon! Cannons exploding,
and a torrent of bass drum rolls as Death
made her entrance on the plasma field, leaving
a rage of burning hate in every child—
(Deep breath, deep breath)
I am awake, the sun is rising, I take a
moment, put my mask on, repeat to myself, the
worst is over, today is a new day, let go of their hate Nate.

Topic(s) of this poem: war

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Poem Submitted: Friday, July 7, 2017

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