Through My Eyes Poem by Richard D Remler

Through My Eyes

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I do not see the world through your eyes.
I see them through my own.
I see a water color sky
That overlooks my quiet home.
I hear a wind that echoes twice,
And I must let it be.
Sometimes nature hides a jewel
We are not meant to see.

Here the trees grow upside down,
Unless they'd rather not.
It's really up to them, I guess,
A little, and a lot.
The Mere-folk, oh, they'll tell you true
The trees do what they want to do.
But I am one to doubt a tree
Will be anything other
Than a tree.
And rest assured,
Quite simply,
The Mere-folk
Do not agree
With me.

Today the stars came out to play
In skies of yellow, green and gray...
They danced and sang their simple tale,
A tale I've come to know so well.
A legend never shared by Sage,
A story never set to page ~
A tale of wonder and of woe
Set in a time so long ago.

And I listened well,
I always do ~
Their legends always seem
So new.
When stars like this
Come out and play,
One simply cannot turn away.

The Pantomime's were brilliant
And sailed the morning blue,
They never fear to do those things
All shadows tend to do.
They danced the sky electric,
Until the sun chased them away.
And I had to laugh, just ever so,
As I watched them play.

And the Mere-folk,
Near their Wonder Tree,
Watched the stardust
Watching me...
The Never-winds had
Whispered near
And brought the rain
Of stardust here,
And how they stared
Into the light,
As though each sparkle
Held a flame,
As if within it's shadowed glow
It played a very secret game.

Through my eyes,
Where Morning calls...
The Blue ivy
Climbs these
Chambered walls.
Flutterbee's linger there,
And unaware
We've echoes darting
In the gray,
Met the sun today,
Uncertain if they
Ought to flee,
Or if they're
Brave enough to stay.

I do not see things through your eyes,
I see them through my own.
I see the wonder of a Summer day
And I don't feel so alone.
When stardust decorates my sky,
And Mere-folk linger ever near,
Where Never-winds so softly sigh,
I drink in all the wonder here.
And I thank this watercolor day
For bringing such a charm my way.

Copyright © MMXIV Richard D. Remler

**A Children's 'Evertime' Tale**

Through My Eyes
Thursday, March 14, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: childhood ,experience,fantasy,imagination,life,magic,nature,wonder
"Contrariwise, if it was so, it might be;
and if it were so, it would be;
but as it isn't, it ain't. That's logic."

- Lewis Carroll (Alice In Wonderland)
Mahtab Bangalee 14 March 2019

beautiful poem- Through my eyes, Where Morning calls... The Blue ivy Climbs these Chambered walls. Flutterbee's linger there, .../// lovely expression

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Practicing Poetess 14 March 2019

Everyone has his own tale to tell, as seen through his own eyes. This one has a storybook quality to it. Full of wonder, and of life. Thank you for this lovely soothing poem! (A perfect bedtime read!)

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Jennifer Birchall 14 March 2019

So beautifully illustrated, capturing the world through a child's eyes. Wonderful poem.

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