New Zealand Regional Rates Scams Is Government Policy? Poem by Terence George Craddock

New Zealand Regional Rates Scams Is Government Policy?

the local town newspaper The News Westport
had a propaganda piece published to defend
a looming 27% or 44% rates hike in local rates!
the article was posted in a local chat group
Westport The Good The Bad And The Ugly

the article written by a self proclaimed
local democracy reporter declared in first
paragraph West Coast regional ratepayers
face an either 27 percent or 44% percent
rated hike after increases were ''held
artificially low for too long'' a scapegoat as

justified lies hide litany list mismanagement

rates were not 'held artificially low for too long'
the truth is incompetent money wasting imbeciles
cannot make decisions without first hiring experts
at doing nothing, while inefficiently pouring money
down the drain; then charging ratepayers spiraling

increasing rates, well in excess of the average pay rise;

pay rises which are minuscule, below the rate of inflation.
Maybe we need a newspaper which can write reality?
Where is the evidence for 'held artificially low for too long'?

Evidence for mismanagement policies of procrastination
seem to be easier to find. In summary pay more for less
might not be sustainable. Increased default by ratepayers
might be looming on the horizon, because sharp increases

in power bills, utility bills, food inflation etc is above salary
increases, below inflation level and it seems the government,
thinks three years of no pitiful salary increases is a good policy?

What was the National coalition government
of New Zealand's primary Most Urgent Policy
under wealth greed leadership of Christopher Luxon?

a 2.9 billion budget to give back 80% of the interest
on loans back to wealthy landlords supplying houses for rent
in year 1 100% given back in year 2 because the richest

landlords in New Zealand 247 individuals owning 250
or more houses each should increase their cash cow portfolio
paid taxpayer funded according to Christopher Luxon?

the poor renters paying overpriced rents
who cannot afford to buy houses should
pay taxes to increase wealth of the richest

Terence George Craddock (Afterglows Echoes Of Starlight)
Copyright © Terence George Craddock

Complete version of the split images 'NZ Ratepayers Fleeced In Mismanagement Rate Hikes', 'Kiwi Luxon Policy: Tax Payers Buy Houses For Elite' and 'In A Humane World In A Compassionate World', by the poet Terence George Craddock. Written in April 2024 on the 15.4.2024.
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