Sankar Sarkar

Next To Paradise - Poem by Sankar Sarkar

I’m a rhythm of sensation
Of the dust of the soil
I’m a feeling of the feelings
Of every speck of the dust
I’m in ever you and in yours
I’m in ever proximity of mind
I’m the minutest arch of your intention
I’m ever occurring wish in your creation
I’m the smallest point in your vanity
That made me curious in every entity;
I’m walking I am running
I’m strolling I am sauntering
While thinking of you
I’m gossiping and discussing
I’m eating and drinking
And talking while cherishing you

I am I of you
I am a cryptic view of you
I am a view of the views of yours
I am you of this equality
I am you of this inequality
As balance between you and yours
I am a motion of ever motion
I am a motion of desire of the desires
I am a curiosity of simplicity
I am a welcome to your sanctity
I am a sparkle of your heart
Ever cadence of your soul

I am too close to you to hurt
I am ever going along with you
I am ever coming along you
I am ever tie between them
I am the doubtless matter of yours
I am on ever meeting to sate you
I am clinging to yours existence to feel
I am disposition of your mind
I am composition of your entity
I am outlook of yours philosophy
I am traveler of your geography
I am ever relating to your world
I am ever relating to my world
We ever compromise to concise

I’m ever waiting here, you there
We are promised lover ever
We are from birth to grave
Everywhere we are equal
We are same in kind and extent
We are we regarding relativity
Where I there you in motion
Where you there I in creation
Nothing changes this relation
Nothing turns into contraction
We are eternally feeling extant
In love everywhere we are instant
From the soil to heaven and
Heaven to soil in all constant activity
You are mine and am yours in relativity

We are complete in incomplete
From sensation to creation together
Like attraction and repulsion we are in love
In every place, hell or heaven
We are always in all ways even
In likes or dislikes, hatred or love
We were! We are! We will be
We exist in anything in any way
We are broken but again unbroken
Nothing can separate us by breaking
We are too durable to be wrecked
Half and half make us fully one
To see, visualize and realize oneness
We are ever willing to grow up
Love and romance in embodiment
We are subtle of the subtlety
We are both in abstract and concrete
We are both in shame and in fame
We are tied in reality and free in universality
We are ever moving in feeling of constancy
We are ever and ever lover in logistic
Nobody knows how love is philosophic
We are ever rhythm in this speedy universe
We are always positive in diverse
We are ecstasy of the rain on earth
We are the touch of fathomless ocean
We are ever whispering of the sky to the sea
From universe to diverse, diverse to universe
We are meaning of the meanings in poet’s verse
We are beauty of the beauty of Nature’s heart
And throbbing of the rustling sound of nestling
We are one and unique in expanse of love
We are pulse of the atom in every thing
Even in every impulsive cell of mind and soul
Nothing is beyond us and our existence
My essence is energetic fro you and
You are for mine to infinity from reality
No boundary no limitation no demarcation
Can be drawn to remark our love on the earth;
No common thing no worldly complexities
Can hinder us from mixing between hearts
We have been in liaison since birth of universe
We are devoted to significance of importance
In every aspect both in living and non living
We are beings in the being of possibilities
And certainty of the uncertainty in complexities
In every point from space to universe
In manner of diversity we are reverse in love
We are relative in relativity and friend in entity
We are brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers
Lovers and beloved in any relation sustained ever
We are matter of every matter relating every better
As heavenly fusion in everything we exist
We are beautiful of all seasons and causes of reasons
We are confusion in disorder since creation
we are ever hunger for love, truth and adjustment
and quest after the meaning of the unknown
in respect of our own love and romance ever
I feel to be felt by you and you by me
Constantly as a constant mark of love and belief
Two hearts are too blessed to contaminate further
Both hearts inclined to each other as heaven
Heart is abode of love like paradise in promise
We are lovers chained everywhere in pair or couple
In thought and morality, reality and eternity
In divinity and purity as long as the earth breaths

Topic(s) of this poem: love

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  • (6/3/2015 6:03:00 AM)

    To realize and appreciate the interdependence of everyone, one to another, regardless of race, social status, religion or any other factors, is to come to the realization that we all need each other to make this world work and if we are not attentive to one another the world will not survive. (Report) Reply

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