Nice Girls Do? Poem by Herbert Nehrlich

Nice Girls Do?

First time she sputtered then she spat
(the load would fill a shepherd's hat) ,
so unexpected was the taste
a mix of bleach and toxic waste.
She loved the fellow, that is why
she gave the novelty a try.
Wow, she had never seen how well
a flaccid little worm can swell!
Brought up in a religious clan
she'd never seen a naked man
much less had focused curious eyes
on what can be a huge surprise.
It was for her a step too far
here in this crowded Beetle car
front seats encroaching on her rump
he pushing legs like Forrest Gump.
But then he had suggested she
look at his sapling, thus to free
inherent pressures causing pain
that no young fellow could sustain.
'But would my teeth not injure it,
perhaps we ought to wait a bit
and study up on theory
let's let the little fellow be.'
'Who said', he asked that he was small,
compare him to the nearest ball
and you will see that he exceeds
zucchinis, carrots and tall weeds! '
'I did not mean here to suggest
that even at a total rest
his presence would be missed by some
what do I do then if you come? '
'Good girls', he answered with a grin,
'keep all of him secure and in,
you never need to swallow pride
but need to simply override
false teachings and embrace the new
it tastes much better than plain glue
and slides like cream of Hagen-Dasz
into your soul with much pizzazz.'
So, she was game (her name was Doris)
used her orbicularis oris
and let his eager thing advance
into a state of active trance.
However, when the tide came in
much substance dribbled down her chin,
the rest she found was pleasant stuff
the feel reminded her of fluff.
He was in awe as no one had
before consumed even a tad,
they'd all exclaimed a clear distaste
which then resulted in the waste
of precious liquids, of noblesse
and, in addition, made a mess.
Thus, friends, she passed the test at last,
first time she was appaled, aghast,
he traded in the Beetle though
and bought with freshly printed dough
a limousine with lots of room
and a V-12 with plenty zoom.
She was a rarity, it's true
her motto: Some of us sure do.

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