Night Dreams Poem by James Timothy Jarrett

Night Dreams

Rating: 4.9

I dreamed a dream of dreaming

Laying softly in my bed

Sugar plums and torment

Dancing in my head

I dreamed a dream of life and death

Of hope and blood and glory

Of dancing through a sunlit field

With daisies, grass and bodies

I was but a child

Loving, small and free

As I glided silently

My life ran out of me

I laughed and giggled in happiness

As a child is apt to do

As I stepped around lifeless forms

Battered black and blue

Not a care had I

Not one in the world

As I pranced beneath the sky

'Til lightning struck with crackling fury

And I lay down to die

I dreamed a dream of dreaming

Of happiness and and strife

I dreamed a dream of dreaming

I dreamed a dream of life

Sally Plumb Plumb 27 February 2013

I really enjoyed this piece of writing.

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Fay Slimm 06 August 2008

'Sugar plums and torment' - they are often found both together in a dream. The end line is haunting but true. Beautiful.....From Fay.

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bjanka im 25 July 2008

...beautiful poem...really touches the skies of my dreams...

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Inbar A 20 July 2008

I really loved that poem! I loved the idea of the life as a dream- and the way you described that dream... (By the way, could it be that you mistakely repeated a word in one line? 'My life ran ran out of me' I apologize if I am wrong)

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