Bird On The Wing Poem by James Timothy Jarrett

Bird On The Wing

Rating: 4.8

I stand 'neath wintered sky

And mock by my life

Winged Goddesses.

Bolts from on high,

Blue crackling death,

Thrown with careless hand

Have not felled me.

Surrounded by their circling fury

I smile

My body is battered

But my arrow is true.

Black and fleet

Their wings churn the sky.

They point now to one of their own

I have winged a Valkyrie

Sally Plumb Plumb 18 April 2013

I really loved this piece.... I now have to find out the definition of Valkyrie. Something mythical? You are educating me.Thanks

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Adeline Foster 05 March 2009

Unique poem; enjoyed it. Thanks for the comment on mine. Interesting analogy. Adeline

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, aryaindia 17 August 2008

Terrific imagery and spinning metamorphic meanderings.

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Fay Slimm 15 August 2008

I love your challenge to those winged Goddesses Jim, so full of imagery. I imagine this recalls an experience from which you write so vividly. Ten for this chilling account my friend. from Fay.

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Jan Harvey 11 August 2008

It's nice to read a poem with decent and stylish verse. I like words that have a picture in mind. I can only strive for my own. Jan Harvey

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