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In the absence of the sun
I can see the darkness in the human heart,
the silouhetted evil that lies within the soul

Sometimes I wonder in the dark still of night
About you laying cold and white

In sleeps repose, gowned yet dead

Softly, ever softly, whisper thou my name

o' thy sweet caress, a potent to my pain

She comes to me in my dreams

A lace wrapped wraith with golden hair

I was but a child

When she faded

Her whispered words

fall silently to the floor

Waves of sadness wash gently upon the sandy

beaches of my soul

It comes within the dark of moon, black wind

whispering 'neath leather wings. Seeking,

The blows of time

I stand 'neath wintered sky

And mock by my life

I dreamed a dream of dreaming

Laying softly in my bed

Do you know who you are?
You are my heart and my soul
My light and my laughter
The warmth that sparks the consuming flames of my passion

The serpent has mingled with my blood

As she devours me, I become her lover


Loneliness and bitterness
fill her empty shell

Her lying words of love

He crafts the finest ever made

soft speakings of verse and prose

Hollow, haunted, hurting eyes staring at
the ceiling.
Cold, hard, white tile floor a pillow
for my head.


If fate should deal that blow that severs
and I should fall 'neath deaths dark sword

I want from you my wife and lover

A cry floats on the gentle breeze.

A sound of laughter, A sound of joy.

I look at him
Illuminated by the dim yellow glow
of warm lamplight

Hearken to the sound that rides upon the bitter wind

Deep within the gathering gloom

James Timothy Jarrett Biography

Currently an artist living in California. Poetry is my sideline. I like to write about anything that comes to mind.)

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Absence Of The Sun

In the absence of the sun
I can see the darkness in the human heart,
the silouhetted evil that lies within the soul

Within the confines of the misty gloom,
roam the fettered wraiths
of secret passion

Lustful, wanton desire, the id essential,
haunts the etheral domain,
cloaked in shimmering gossamer veils

Half realized creatures of the dark
stalk with soundless echoes
the dim corridors of the soul

Unbound, unchained,
the foul, corrupt spirits of dark secret thoughts
wander freely

In the absence of the sun
I am afraid to close my eyes

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Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar 23 July 2008

Kiss..wonderful. I am new member. you may go through my poems

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