Night-Night (Children) Poem by Cj Heck

Cj Heck

Cj Heck

Born in Columbus OH - living in Florida

Night-Night (Children)

Rating: 4.8

Night-night moon
Night-night stars
Night-night noisy
trucks and cars.

Night-night sand box
Night-night toys
Night-night other
girls and boys.

Night-night mom
Night-night dad
Night-night Boogie Man
who's not bad.

It's time to go to sleep now,
most all my night nights said.
Night-night blankie
Night-night bed.

Night-Night  (Children)
Angel of Darkness 26 October 2007

I love this. It's not as complicated as other poems I have read, but yet it still has a meaning to it.10 from me

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George Fitting 18 May 2006

Similar to _Goodnight Moon_ by Margaret Wise Brown. Good rhythm.

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Priscilla Knighten 05 December 2021

Poem is nice. It's interesting & full of meaning.

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Melvina Germain 05 October 2015

Awww that brought out the child in me, I love it.....

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Kim Barney 22 February 2015

George's comment below was very FITTING.

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Words' Knight 21 September 2014

That is a crazy poem, I love it so much. I felt happy when I read it.

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Lorna Maxwell 29 December 2007

I think this poem is really good, I love it. Its has a good beet.

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Cj Heck

Cj Heck

Born in Columbus OH - living in Florida
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