No Happy New Year Poem by Andy Brookes

No Happy New Year

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at the peripheries of nature that seem neither natural nor man made
that rangy area between town and urban sprawl
the builders spoil heaps full of broken brick and hardcore
where the grass slips from manicuredgreen trim
to ragged and tufted like uncombed hair.
those little nature reserves for bees and butterflies.

soon the nibbles of man have become great greedy mouth fulls
eating up what some consider waste land to be made profitable,
by those who know the price of everything but the value of nothing
yet for othersthese are small bastions for wild life, worth more than gold.

They will be covered too soon by Tarmacked roads and hard stoned pavement.
they lose their protection to become yet more endangered species
look on the works of man a weep.
destruction is easy but the dollar speaks louder than the weak voices of decent.

Yes look on man's destruction and weep

Monday, December 30, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: new year
Sorry for the pessimistic tone of this poem there is still hope we come to our senses but I see little in the way of movement except maybe the movement of money over nature
Bri Edwards 05 June 2021

Andy, i (think) i just sent you a message, using the poem comment area. I wish you well, my friend. : ) bri

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Bri Edwards 05 June 2021

Dear Andy, you may never read this. PH has suddenly, for me at least, perked up (performed better) compared to my experience with it during infrequent visits this year. My best to you always, my friend. bri : )

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Bri Edwards 10 February 2020

" hardcore" ? music? i doubt it. " the builders spoil heaps full of broken brick and hardcore" construction debris is piled up? ? i think you mean [NOT decent]: " dissent intransitive verb To have or express an opinion different from a prevailing or official position; disagree." 2nd stanza seems most clear and is my favorite. i once enjoyed walking in a suburban/country Nature Conservancy preserve, Thousand Acre Swamp. bri :)

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