No Longer Mine Poem by Chris Embrick

No Longer Mine

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No longer mine, no longer mine
This broken heart I could not keep
The heart I had I left behind
No tears for love now when I sleep
With happiness I'll share my time
Beside my dove, the dreams are sweet

Eyes heaven blue, lips soft and sweet
No more a dream, her love is mine
No heartache now to hinder sleep
For tender love, she's worth the time
She had no promises to keep
No one like me to leave behind.

No empty nest the past behind
No thoughts to sting, love bittersweet
Now there's no need to hurry time
Our vows of love, we swore to keep
So beautiful, this love of mine
Beside her, I can hardly sleep

She breathes softly when she sleeps
We leave life's worries all behind
She's got a busy schedule to keep
Her work day's as long as mine
When she calls her voice is sweet
Each day we always share some time

For our life's dream, there's still time
We plan ahead before we sleep
She always shares her dreams with mine
Love's easy when the fruit is sweet
We left all the baggage behind
All for love, our hearts to keep

She's the treasure that I keep
In her arms I forget time
I've never smelled a rose so sweet
None of the buds I left behind
Dreams of love, now peaceful sleep
Safe to know her love is mine

Forever mine, her love to keep
Behind us lonely nights of sleep
Love took time, to find the honey sweet.

Saturday, March 24, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: love,marriage
Kumarmani Mahakul 24 March 2018

Broken heart cannot be kept alone. Life needs lover and beauty with dignity of hope. Love definitely takes time to find sweetness of honey. Soft and sweet breath whispers more about love perceived. A brilliant poem is excellently penned...10

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Chris Embrick 03 April 2018

Such love does seem to be harder to find these days but not impossible. Thank you Kumarmani

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Nudershada Cabanes 24 March 2018

Such a sweet, beautiful and tender poem of love shared by two. Wonderfully penned with a splendid rhyme. Few are lucky to find such kind of love.10

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Chris Embrick 03 April 2018

Thank you Nudershada. Your poem of love are beautiful to read. Thanks

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Chris Embrick

Chris Embrick

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