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Blue skies gave way to hues of gold
As I surveyed the forest deep
Well beyond my intended stroll

Hidden in last Summer's hay
Soft her breathing, restful purring
And in a bundle, kittens five
From peaceful naps began stirring

With great anguish the day began
death severed love's embrace
a life of promises and plans
with one last breath time erased

When the poet's work is well done
The poem captures what was sought
When poet and poem are one
There's little room for higher thought.

The rule of thumb is never quit
So if you fail, get over it
Listen to what wise men said
Don't leave your dreams asleep in bed.

I've done a lot of things in life
that were really dumb
Entering a kissing contest
stands out as number one

Clever, clever little mouse
twice you moved, changed your house

You thought:

Sacrifice lays on the altar
The things in life you need the most
Unselfish acts seldom falter
Sacrifice lays on the altar

Always take some time to stop and smell the flowers
Don't hurry past the things that make life beautiful
Before your life runs down to a few precious hours
Remember to share life with the people you love

A noble Knight like all the rest
Although well bred, he'll die today
"Tell me, Wizard surely there's another way
Must love this poor Knight's honor slay

A kind heart will not requite
One who's tongue is quick to bite
Though your venom's filled with spite
You take revenge to new heights

No longer mine, no longer mine
This broken heart I could not keep
The heart I had I left behind
No tears for love now when I sleep

Churn, churn, churn the milk
fresh from the udder
If you let it sit too long
You'll have biscuits without butter.

Take no more than you can carry
Life's burdens always take a toll
Use wisdom wisely growing old
For free advice always be wary

In tiny rooms, the nursing home
here all alone
they let you in
become your friend

I was born a tiny flower
with no power
right from the start
my life was marked

Note the man who loses all
His downfall vanity and pride
Note the man who loses all
His happy home, his loving bride

Be gentle with my heart tonight
Only I know how much it hurts
I'll let you know when love is right
Be gentle with my heart tonight

With loneliness each night I sleep
No love to lay beside my heart
A fool I lost the better part
The one I loved; I could not keep

Last night I had no peaceful sleep
I saw no beauty in the dawn
If time indeed heals a heartache
I don't think I'll last that long

Chris Embrick Biography

Retired high school science teacher. 35 trapped in a 66 year old body. Hobbies/interests: writing poetry, song lyrics, hiking, gardening, oil and acrylic painting.)

The Best Poem Of Chris Embrick

Losing My Way

Blue skies gave way to hues of gold
As I surveyed the forest deep
Well beyond my intended stroll

Ahead I heard the river's sound
And knowing I had lost my way
Well past the time to turn around

The fears of life my mind restrained
No hurry yet, to leave such peace
For life's direction to regain

From Nature's bounty peace borrowed
Along the path hardships strewn
New hope, new strength, for tomorrow

Above the trees a dim half-moon
I lost desire to get home soon.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 04 October 2018

On behalf of all fellow poets, PH Family and our family we offer a title of honour to poet Chris Embrick born on 27 March 1952 in Commerce, Georgia, USA, as, Dynamic Euphony. From today on-wards he will be known as Dynamic Euphony Chris Embrick. This title of honour is offered to him due to his literary perseverance. We hope all poets and visitors will accept this.

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Qiniso Mogale 06 November 2017

Chris Embrick, a great poet. He writes poems that are inspiring and captivating. A friend and a brother in Christ. His passion and compassion as demonstrated in his poems are indeed attributes of a great poet. It as a pleasure for me to be acquainted with such a humble spirit in this fellow former teacher. I'm sure he has made a lasting impact to his former students. His children are lucky to have him as a father. May God continue to bless you my brother from another mother. Do continue writing!

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Kumarmani Mahakul 13 September 2017

Chris Embrick born on 27th March 1952 in Commerce, Georgia of United States is a brilliant, multi-talented and deeply philosophical poet of today's leading poetic world. He is a retired high school science teacher and he has lots of school memories with students and deep knowledge about teaching and science. He writes beautiful poems straight from his deep core of soul. His mind is tender in expression and he has positive vision for society. He writes poems about nature, beauty, love, life, society. social behavior, science, religion and spirituality. His many of poems carry deep philosophical essence and his poems basing on perception of the Holy Bible are really heart touching and these carry values for humanity. I have gone through many of his poems and reviewed them are really poetic gems. I am completely astonished finding deep philosophical and natural skill within his poems. He has created many valuable poems are definitely beneficial for society. From the deepest core of my heart I convey my best wishes to him. May flowers sprinkle fragrance in his way of walking! May God bring fortune and happiness for him in the way of success in literary perseverance and life!

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Chris Embrick Quotes

A wise man talks when he has something meaningful to say; a fool talks when no one is listening.

Self-examination seldom shows a haughty man what others see.

The full heart always has a smile.

The heart in love makes room for more.

Memories can be overwhelming.

Dreams that go somewhere start with believing.

The scent of knowledge drives my hunger.

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Chris Embrick Popularity

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