Chris Embrick Poems

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Losing My Way

Blue skies gave way to hues of gold
As I surveyed the forest deep
Well beyond my intended stroll

The Bonding Of A Mother's Love

Hidden in last Summer's hay
Soft her breathing, restful purring
And in a bundle, kittens five
From peaceful naps began stirring

Silence Of A Broken Heart

With great anguish the day began
death severed love's embrace
a life of promises and plans
with one last breath time erased

When Poets And Poems Are One

When the poet's work is well done
The poem captures what was sought
When poet and poem are one
There's little room for higher thought.

Don't Leave Your Dreams

The rule of thumb is never quit
So if you fail, get over it
Listen to what wise men said
Don't leave your dreams asleep in bed.

A Well Flavored Kiss

I've done a lot of things in life
that were really dumb
Entering a kissing contest
stands out as number one

The Clever Mouse (A Royal Encounter)

Clever, clever little mouse
twice you moved, changed your house

You thought:


Sacrifice lays on the altar
The things in life you need the most
Unselfish acts seldom falter
Sacrifice lays on the altar

When Love Counts Most

In tiny rooms, the nursing home
here all alone
they let you in
become your friend

Love Kept Me Alive

I was born a tiny flower
with no power
right from the start
my life was marked

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