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Wake up
The sun is up
Open the window
Let the sunlight flow

The moon is hiding
Her face veiled by thick, dark clouds
On a rainy night
Darkness wrapped the sky in black

A drop or a splinter
A speck or a grain
A ray or a beam
Are but little

We are grains of sand
In the shoreline of this life
Small fine grains that breath
We live for just a moment

Love is the answer
To most of the needs today
That beset people
From all walks of life, young, old

In every path you've treaded
The marks of your footprints stayed
They clung to the earth
Where the soles of your feet touched

Love yourself
Because you have to
Because you need to
Because you must do it

I am "new" in this site as you can see
With a few friends I can count on my hands
They were nine but there's only eight I see
One has left, I don't know where he has gone

I miss my hometown
The place of my birth
The land of my fathers
The cradle of my youth

R-reminiscing the past brings to mind
E-everything that happened in our life
M-memories that we keep close to our hearts
E-ever fresh everytime we think of them

The cars move slowly
At a snails pace in the street
Their tail lights flashing
Like embers burning so bright

Time goes so fast as it flies
Days go by in a relative pace
And I'm left to grope with life
Counting years that passed me by as I live

To you I owe this life I have today
Oh mother dear who was so very kind
Your love has led me to a brighter way
To live a life of dignity in mind

Birds long to be free
To fly and soar in the sky
To flap their wings
As they ride the wind

Thoughtful, pensive
Thinking, planning, writing
For his next book to be published

Frail trees were broken
When the wind blew with fury
Its temper raging
Breaking things along its path

In the deep of night
With no sound to mar the stillness
I lay awake with thoughts running in my head
Thoughts of a wandering mind

With each coming new year
New resolutions are made
New plans are pursued
New hopes brim in our hearts

Love is the piercing of your heart
The breaking of its walls
The melting of the ego
The shedding off of pride

The Best Poem Of Nudershada Cabanes

The Sun Is Up

Wake up
The sun is up
Open the window
Let the sunlight flow
See the light dancing on the wall
Feel its warmth touching you
From your head down to your toes
Bath in its radiance, bask in its glow
Be energized be enthusiastic
Today is another new day
Be glad for another day of life
To live and to love

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Catherine Grey 24 October 2019

An author of real talent with soul.

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Robert Murray Smith 20 May 2018

A wonderful poetess. All poems are of a very high standard.

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Hassan Hayati 19 May 2018

These quotations are really meaningful.

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Robert Murray Smith 15 April 2018

Nudershada is a superb poet that we all should read.

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Nudershada Cabanes Quotes

' Only silence knows the secrets of the heart. ' ~ Nudershada M. Cabanes ~

' There is no right or wrong to a person who is left with no choice ' ~ Nudershada M. Cabanes

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Nudershada Cabanes Popularity

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