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The Sun Is Up

Wake up
The sun is up
Open the window
Let the sunlight flow

A Rainy Night

The moon is hiding
Her face veiled by thick, dark clouds
On a rainy night
Darkness wrapped the sky in black

The Power Within Us

A drop or a splinter
A speck or a grain
A ray or a beam
Are but little

Grains Of Sand[ 3 Tanka ]

We are grains of sand
In the shoreline of this life
Small fine grains that breath
We live for just a moment

Love Is The Answer

Love is the answer
To most of the needs today
That beset people
From all walks of life, young, old

Nudershada Cabanes Quotes

04 April 2018

' Only silence knows the secrets of the heart. ' ~ Nudershada M. Cabanes ~

04 April 2018

' There is no right or wrong to a person who is left with no choice ' ~ Nudershada M. Cabanes

Nudershada Cabanes Comments

Catherine Grey 24 October 2019

An author of real talent with soul.

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A wonderful poetess. All poems are of a very high standard.

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Hassan Hayati 19 May 2018

These quotations are really meaningful.

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Robert Murray Smith 15 April 2018

Nudershada is a superb poet that we all should read.

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