No Need To Count Poem by Jim Yerman

No Need To Count

I'm sitting at our cabin in the mountains watching the sunrise…listening to the birds
wondering if a poem will decide to join me…waiting for the words.

When I think to myself how I love watching the sun coat the mountains
love the green and yellow hues
love sitting amidst the trees, love a cloudless sky painted blue.

And I started thinking about all the things I love about this planet Earth..
and wondering how many times I've said I love this or that about it
since the moment of my birth

How I also love music, art, chocolate, listening to the whistle of a train,
How I love the ocean, lakes and rivers…dancing in the rain…

And what about all the people in my life…my family and my friends?
The number of times I've heard or said I love you…never seems to end.

When counting the moments of love shared together in all our days and years?
Shouldn't I also count all the touches, the whispers, the hugs…
all the smiles…all the tears?

Since I could never count the number of times I've said I love you…
or someone has said those words to me…
it makes me wonder if that's the reason numbers go on into infinity?

Or perhaps our creators…from their lofty castles in the sky
never meant for us to count love…or even question why…

But only to enjoy it…in whatever forms it may appear
as is accompanies us on our journey every day of every year.

Perhaps they only wanted us to feel lucky and be grateful
as they smile down at us from up above
every time we hear or say the words I love you
and for all the things there are in life to love.

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