No Soul

Rating: 5.0

No soul

I have no soul I am just a mere wall
And the thing that keeps me alive is growing small
My heart as dark and black as it is
Can’t take this hurt, and all this ####
It hurts to speak to some one dear
Ever if they are far, and not near
I may be insane but that doesn’t mean
That I have no words in me
I speak my mind for those to hear
The silent, tumbling, breaking tears
The alive will some day hear them fall
But only now the dead hears my call
My painful call for ravens to fly
And help my soul lift for me to die
Then once I die then alive will hear
They’ll scream with a darkened fear
But for now the tears keep falling
And the dead they hear me calling
But helpless I lay on the melted ground
As it absorbed my silent sound
The cuts on my wrist do nothing more
But connect me to this black door
That I will someday fall through
And then I will lay at peace with truth
In the ground with my deadly friends
And the species of the black rose will come to a...end