Black Rose

Rating: 4.8

Death is like my stalker it always comes and goes,
Never stopping to think if I'm a friend or foe
Waiting for the time when bodies hit the floor
The time when ashes fall through an open door
Life will trickle through the unknown hourglass,
Time will fall and be gone now will turn to past
Life is like black roses beauty lays inside,
Wilting when death comes hopelessly trying to hide
Queen of death is what I am whether I like it or not,
I am the queen of demons and I give the death shot
Passing by bodies float in an endless sea,
And I sit here kneeling on my knees
I can’t stop the flow of the riverbed,
And though I’d like to I cannot return the dead
In my kingdom of death I await,
For a invitation to the special gate
I’m hoping some day the shadow will be gone,
And all that has being lost will be found
But for now I sit lonely in my thrown,
With my black diamond skull crown
Waiting till all of my pain goes,
When the last pedal falls of the black rose

The Black Rose 30 August 2006

I love this, i agree with david its almost perfect

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David Gerardino 16 December 2004

at first i thought the poem is to long, then after reading it all the way thru i relized its almost perfect, good job...

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