No Vaccine Poem by Bulent Karaalioglu

No Vaccine

What's not vaccinated? There's no vaccine for what?
There's no vaccine for thoughtful ageing.
There is no such happiness vaccine
Requiem for a dream
No dream demand vaccine for the dead. (in memory of those who lost their lives in the epidemic)
There is no vaccine for poverty and hunger.
There is no vaccine for climate change.
There is no vaccine for inequality.

There is no vaccine for besieged stupidity and voluntary servitude.
There is no vaccine for the consciencelessness that does not see or hear. Even rabies has a vaccine.

There is no vaccine for characterlessness, human utilisation and ultimately deception. There is no vaccine for mocking the wound, exploiting the most humane intentions.

We have tuberculosis, diphtheria and whooping cough.
We've had the Tetonas vaccine. We're human.
We got measles and mumps.
First we became human, then we became sick.
There is no vaccine for courage and cowardice

A nod to the vaccination calendar
Let's vaccinate children
We became clouds, we could not become rain.
Instead of being a social state and a patient, we became a customer.
Health and vaccination for your money.
We said hello and they asked for a bribe vaccine.
Hello to men who get pregnant after vaccination. Come on, kids, get vaccinated.
Read, be a sheikh and a sheikh imam
It's a handout for your troubles,
Become faithful viruses and bacteria.

Unbelieving dinosaurs did not perish from the wrath of sins like Pompeii, Sodom and Gomorrah.
They did not perish en masse because they were not vaccinated. Life fits in the vaccine and dinosaurs fit in the comet.

Germ against germ
The pain at the end of the needle, while we love a mortal life, we actually love death. Just when you love a diseased life, come and get sick... Get vaccinated and become human.

There is no vaccine for poverty and hunger.
Diphtheria, whooping cough and tuberculosis.

Ah, master Nazım 'To live free like a single tree and brotherly like a forest'
No pencil grafting on a single tree
There is no vaccine for brotherly living.
There is no vaccine for poverty and hunger.
Actually, there is. 'As if there wasn't. 'What a contradiction.

It's raining at this hour.
The clouds are pouring down.
It's day and night.
It's 06.39. Let's go, children, to the vaccine.

We became rain.
Trees and poems
We were vaccinated with a pencil.
We became human beings.
We became poets, writers and vaccines.
It's raining.
At 06.44 we got a rain vaccine.
..07 December 2020/ Monday
06.44 hours

World Health Organisation Warns
There is no vaccine for poverty and hunger.
I wrote the poem from this news
A shameful picture of inequality in vaccination: 130 countries have not received a single dose of vaccine
Vaccine studies have created great hope to end the epidemic all over the world. However, United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Antonio Guterres drew attention to global vaccine inequality, saying, '10 countries received 75 per cent of the world's coronavirus vaccines, while 130 countries did not receive even one dose of vaccine.'
20 February 2021 news

No Vaccine
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