No Whisper, No Sound.

Rating: 4.5

Look at all the cracks in this wall.
If things don't change, they will sprawl.
You've been given a warning, a simple call.
One more month to watch it fall.

Rotten apples have been landing below.
Not even worthy of picking up to throw.
Disease is evident as this tree grows.
No green grass on the other side to mow.

Rancid days and hours are spent.
Like worthless dollars on houses for rent.
Soon to wonder where the good worker went.
You've been given a warning, a simple hint.

This dear boy hasn't time to hang around.
This tree is worthless and sagging the ground.
A little nourishment and hope can be found.
I will leave in silence, no whisper, no sound.

Melanie Emiko 11 October 2006

Beautiful piece. It doesn't reveal it all that keeps you digging.

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Melvina Germain 11 October 2006

This is a very good poem, I like it very much--Melvina

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Lylyanna Pilewski 11 October 2006

woah that was so good sounds like it should be in like school books for kids like me to study idk it was really good though awesome job! Lylyanna

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Allan James Saywell 11 October 2006

This poem with a little work and choice of words could turn into a stand out poem it will stand on its' own steve but you could edit the poem and improve the poem for your own satisfaction If you are a serious poet Or you could say get stuffed AJS and i would not be offended i will mark it with a seven but it could be a ten Warm Regards AJS

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