Nobody, Not Even A Prophet, Can Erase Poem by Mohammad Younus

Nobody, Not Even A Prophet, Can Erase

Nobody, not even a prophet, can erase,
The sins inscribed within the Book of Records.
Only the Forgiving God can cleanse,
When earnest hearts turn back to Him in prayer.
As Adam once entreated, make your plea:
'Our Lord, we have transgressed against ourselves,
And if You do not pardon and show mercy,
We shall indeed be counted with the lost.'
God, in His mercy, veils your sinful deeds,
No longer must you bear their crushing weight.

Indeed, as God declares in His Last Writ:
'O you who have true faith, repent to God,
With pure repentance; then your Lord may cleanse,
Your misdeeds and admit you to gardens,
Beneath which rivers flow, on that great day,
When God will not disgrace the Prophet and,
The faithful ones beside him, their bright light,
Will swiftly move before them and their right.'

Redeemed by God, as pure as newborn child,
Return to Him with heartfelt praise and thanks.

To Him we all belong, to Him return,
All people of all nations, generations,
Shall stand as equals in the sight of God.
All on this earth shall perish, strive therefore,
To excel in good deeds, and seek His mercy,
Before His final judgment is pronounced.
Raise eulogies in praise of His great mercy,
For the forgiving grace bestowed on you.
Rejoice, O sinners, serve the Lord and seek,
His help when paths are rough, and journeys hard.


Nobody, Not Even A Prophet, Can Erase
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