People Wear Masks Poem by Mohammad Younus

People Wear Masks

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Once upon a time, o my sons and daughters, listen!
You must always listen!
People would with wide open heart and eyes welcome
But, now, with ice-frozen eyes they look at us and fear our shadows
Believe me, I am speaking the truth, there was a time when
Our elders, with a warm heart would hug and shake hands with...
...their friends, companions, relatives, neighbours, and guests
Alas! That time has been rolled up!
Now, people only do a lip service, and give a false reception

Why do you take us for unknown aliens - strangers?
You aught to freely visit us, that concretises the relations,
... and makes our relationship ever lasting and cordial!
'They speak the truth.
We must off and on visit each other'
Once, twice, thrice did I pay a visit -
First a guest, then a burden on them I did become
Then, never they said: please come in! He will be coming!
After repeatedly knocking at the door, they open their doors to us,
However, they passed a tangent to my face:
You should have come a little bit earlier, or on a Sunday!

I find the people of this world wearing hundred faces
Without a veil we see their one face,
While under the veil they have got a different face
Like women of Kashmir who change dress after dress...
...on the marriage events or on the condolence events...
...the people of the world change their faces, and exhibit:
Home-face, marketing-face, official face, commercial-face,
Guest-face, host-face, corrupt-face, honest-face
Listen the bitter truth from me:
People of the world wear new and newer masks on their faces!


Dr Dillip K Swain 13 July 2022

Brilliantly put. Congratulations! !

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Richard Wlodarski 13 July 2022

I remember those days of yesteryear when we were welcomed into each other's homes with open hands and loving hearts. You have brilliantly captured the stark contrast between then and now. And have deservedly received the honorary POD. Congratulations, Poet Younus!

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Nabakishore Dash 06 July 2022

Great truth with most people dear Younus.Excellent write.Congrats on POD

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