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Not Fly Away, Not Fly Away Et A Little Go Around-Aleksandr Marshal - Poem by Yuri Starostin

Text and translation of the song Not fly away, not fly away et a little go around-Aleksandr Marshal

Am E Am
Sometime in my childhood I remember
To me my mother sang
That there is the happy country
E Am
Where a life is not the life, but the paradise

There's no a tears no a troubles no a storms
And in the sky it`s pure as the blue sea
Over the contour of the rivers and villages
Soaring soaring the steppe eagle

E Am F C
Not fly away don't fly away
E Am F C
Et a little go around
E Am G C
And in yours wonderful marvelous land
Dm E7
You show me the way

And even though it is very far away
You go there easy
Crossed any way
Please take me with you
Take me with you...

-= II =-
By that time has passed not a few years
And no the fairy tales and no the birds
But sometimes raised the eyes
I look with the sorrow in the heaven

And may be in my fate
In one of the gloomy grey days
Bringing the hope and warmth
The eagle wing will flash

Chorus (II times)

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