Emily Sleator aka Katastrophic Kyte3 NopyGirrl

[[[nothing 4ever]]] - Poem by Emily Sleator aka Katastrophic Kyte3 NopyGirrl

U fall once
U learn what you did wrong
U falll twice you've made a simple mistake
U fall again and you will never be able to stand up straight again
What's been broken is easier to break
U can take away meaning
But you can never get it back
Wat goes up must come down
Now i understand why what falls downs will not neseccarily come up
U fall so hard you find yourself seepin through the cracks little by little
*{{{Our love is nothing
Nothing lasts forever}}}*
Wat is the truth about forever?
Lead me throught the labrinyth
Because my life is full of crowded voids
Filled with happy hells
Filled with endful skies
To see things only the devil would find enjoyable
This thing that occurred in me
I can hear your whispers but cant make out the words
Ur fingers so close to my skin it tickles with melancholy
Who would have the effrontery?
To kill, to steal, to not take wat was yours.
To be so selfish as to leave me here to rot with longing of you
Guilt so heavy Im beginning to let myself fall again
The problem is not that i cant see reality from fiction
The problem is that i see it all to clear
The scenes dont stop
Just rewind till the end has yet again become the beginning
Excavating the emotions and amplifying the ME
Reality rains on me so often
That i've given up tellin myself i'm not the ocean
Doubting all answers and insuring the questions
I cant help them because i cant help myself
My mind set up to ten hoping for you to appear
U came and went like the blood flowing in our veins
Time layered and layered doesn't cover up the pain
Forced into this state of contemplation
Everything that comes together must fall apart
The harder you try to stand the easier you fall...

****[[ ]]Look a this line veryy carefully if u understand the words you will see the true meaning for love is nothing........

Comments about [[[nothing 4ever]]] by Emily Sleator aka Katastrophic Kyte3 NopyGirrl

  • (12/8/2009 4:48:00 PM)

    Very clever with that line you highlighted. Although I have never been through an experience such as yours I can still feel the pain seeping from the words.

    Very good, keep writing.
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  • (12/7/2009 10:16:00 PM)

    Who would have the effrontery? no one but the infantry

    space a single imploded plane is still space

    energy is transferred or exchanged and god holds code and key to me

    kept like you in the record of time an ocarina the legend of zelda

    I am the unknown one, but not god

    wacka aka wacka


    Fuzzy Fozzy Bear
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  • Romeo Della Valle (12/7/2009 7:57:00 PM)

    Emily, you have written an excellent piece, you let your whole feelings flow freely without any disdains, great, let me tell you something, you are not alone, I am as old to be your father and I have been there, many, many times, however, I had survived, and so you will, too, it is nothing but growing up, mother nature following its own steps...Let's the music plays! Please, read some of my poems and you will realize that you are not alone, even at my age, I am still, going through the same things.....Please, read some of my poems and you will see...God Bless You! , Love and Peace, Romeo (Report) Reply

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