Nothing`s Left Poem by Emma Adamyan

Nothing`s Left

No number to call,
No embrace to fall,
No place to go,
No news to know,
No lips to kiss,
No soul to miss,
No city to move,
There`s nothing to prove.
How sweet you were,
I let you go. What for?
Now zero is my score
And closed the door,
No dream to sleep,
No tears to weep,
No secret to hide,
No road to ride,
No hand to shake,
No friend to make,
No sms to read,
How painful indeed!
No breathe to hold,
Not winter but cold...
No shoulder to cry,
Your are, but not my,
No heart to touch,
Isn`t it too much?
No joy to cheer,
No pain to bear,
No eyes to stare,
No wish to dare,
Few to respect,
And the World to suspect.
Where`s my strive to live
And will to believe,
The wish to hope
That can`t be taken, nope!

jimmy zepp 23 July 2010

Dear Emma, Coincidences often come across us in too many ways, but nothing can replace the truth... Hopefully, you'll find the one for whom your heart would finally beat, with all its fibrils, and your soul would surely find the long lingered peace, which is love... As you said in your poem, nothing and no one can ever take away the HOPE... God bless... Bye

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jimmy zepp 22 July 2010

Dear Emma, most of the great poems, which were written by great poets, were the daughter of a moment, where a slip of a tongue aroused in them hidden fears, feelings or even the sense of mistrust... This touchy and great poem, is indeed one of the greatest I'd ever read...but this time, with tearful eyes... God bless you! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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dear poet, i invite you to come on my poems page and read my poems and comment in order to let me have better poems with a sea of thanks, prince

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