Emma Adamyan Poems

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Gilt reflection of your tear shone in the night.
'Don`t go'- said you, embracing me tight.
Knowing it`s not your blame, I whispered to you, -
'All will be gone with the wind, sorry. Don`t be blue'

* * *

If life disappoints your hopes,
Be niether sad, nor mad,
In days of dejection prove obedience:
Believe a better day is not in the distance.

All We Learned

Oh, Michael! Oh, King........
Have you lost your heart
And stopped to sing?
Golden Bird of epoch,

A Spell

I shall leave you, I shall say - 'Sorry', as a parting,
I shall leave you, but then, you can never find your calming,
I shall leave you without blaming and crying. Silently, all alone,
I shall have to leave you, for my heart can`t stand being a stone.

Your Mother

Your Mother... Who is she?
Did you ever ascertain?
Is she your angel? Or pain...
But how will you know something you`ve never felt before?

A Special Gift

Since you`ve been loving me
I was given a special gift,
It still sounds so unusual...
Was it your favour to me


-How painful, dear, how strange,
Having become one and indivisible,
Being one on the Earth and unedr it-
How painful, dear, how strange

One Day Love Comes Or (Love Story)

If your heart cannot wait anymore,
Seek me and you`ll find,
I`ll be able to believe and understand,
To love you and to be a true friend,

Note Of Pain

It`s not for the first time,
I`m wounded by someone,
Since justice has gone,
It happens from time to time,

Moon Melody

When my night comes,
Just like it did yesterday,
My day wanes in silence
And the moon-sorceress plays for me again,

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