Ode To A Lover Poem by Aron Heroux

Ode To A Lover

Someone accused my love
for you was less than fond,
so in these heart-felt words,
let me respond:
They say that beauty
lies deep within.
But what's that rash
all o'er your skin?
They say that beauty's in
the eye of the beholder.
But what's that growing
on your shoulder?
Your head you say?
Well that can't be true,
it's cover in lumps,
and dripping with goo.
They say not to judge,
and that's well and good,
but have you considered
a full-face hood?
But this is a love poem,
don't be mistaken.
Your skin reminds me
of festering bacon.
I remember every intimate
moment that we shared.
We'd walk in the park
and neither of us cared
when the warden kindly
asked me, please,
walk my dog elsewhere
on account of the fleas.
On lazy days, just to show
you how I felt,
I'd roll you over and
count every purple welt.
And lying on the grass,
we'd gaze into the sky.
Well, I'd gaze, you'd
just roll your one lazy eye.
Somethings are temporary,
but our love stays.
And in case you doubt me,
let me recount the ways:
You've more rolls than a bakery,
more chins than China,
your perfume makes me
swoon and feel kinda
weak in the knees.
But that's mostly because
it reeks of old cheese.
So now you see
that my love is real.
Also you're fat
and look like an eel.

Delilah Miller 10 December 2006

what every lover wants to hear

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Reinalie Jorolan 09 December 2006

lol, this is really a very fun poem.....thanks for the good laugh man.... hugs, rain

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