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The vulnerability and indulgent vanity of posting my stuff turned me away at first but a friend wanted to see what I write, and given my lifestyle it's not a bad idea to have a digital backup of my stuff either. I'm a student from Vancouver, currently working and traveling around Alberta, Canada. I'm a motorcycle racer and I write music and play gu ...

Aron Heroux Poems

Hollow Men

Hollow men with
hollow hearts
chide us with
a mindless script

Thinking Of You

It grips me, rips at me
Burns my lungs to breath
But I breath deeper to
feel the sting.

Ode To A Lover

Someone accused my love
for you was less than fond,
so in these heart-felt words,
let me respond:


I was someplace that
really don't matter now
You entered my sight and
demolished my world


A teardropp explodes
on the cold floor
Warm shrapnel hovers
like a delicate flower

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M S 27 December 2006

This kid has the goods. Take note and keep watching, he will only get better.

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