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Hollow men with
hollow hearts
chide us with
a mindless script

It grips me, rips at me
Burns my lungs to breath
But I breath deeper to
feel the sting.

Someone accused my love
for you was less than fond,
so in these heart-felt words,
let me respond:

I was someplace that
really don't matter now
You entered my sight and
demolished my world


A teardropp explodes
on the cold floor
Warm shrapnel hovers
like a delicate flower

Through the glass, snow falls
silently on the city below
Snow falls, but time
-time has stopped long ago

Don't you worry baby
if words fall broken
Just take my hand
'cause your eyes have spoken

The bus drives down a dusty road.
Explosions are muffled
in the distance.
Above, the clouds sit low and heavy,

Smells of ash and cigarettes
sour the air while the
sickly sweet vapours of
spilled beer rise and mingle

Broken chords ring out
into the quiet night
Soft words fall deaf
and dry tears fight


Ink flows thick as blood
as words smear together
Wasted breath, empty words
and how's the weather

Broken clocks tick slow
in time with thickened pulse while
velvet shackles hold and
passion swells in waiting

In a grassen field
a wild wind blew
I roamed from knoll to knoll
looking for you

Roses scent your memory
masking what I try to forget
my heart swells as I remember
dry rivers flow


We throw ourselves out there
Naked and shivering in the cold
Casting aside our costumes
and the comfortable lies we've been told

Flowers bloom
toward the sky
Reaching tall
Reaching high

Lifting over the horizon
the ground shrinks and falls
into a memory, that disappears
into mountains of white, where

The fumes
of another wasted day
rise and rot
my brain

I'm losing myself
in an absurd theater
of my own design

Aron Heroux Biography

The vulnerability and indulgent vanity of posting my stuff turned me away at first but a friend wanted to see what I write, and given my lifestyle it's not a bad idea to have a digital backup of my stuff either. I'm a student from Vancouver, currently working and traveling around Alberta, Canada. I'm a motorcycle racer and I write music and play guitar. Most of my writing is personal and written from experience, some of it is a souvenir of the places my mind goes when it wanders, and some of it sheer fucking nonsense I put down while bored off my rocker. I write lyrics, poetry, and whatever the hell I feel like at the time. Some might argue I have no style, but I'm not changing it regardless, so leave comments if you like, but my philosophy on the matter is that writing is a means of expression... write to express yourself and it can't be wrong... write to impress and it can't be right. That being said, if you take the time to read my stuff, thank you. That's it. Peace.)

The Best Poem Of Aron Heroux

Hollow Men

Hollow men with
hollow hearts
chide us with
a mindless script
rehearsed in fear
of standing out
of being naked
of looking in the mirror
and seeing nothing

Insidious lies traded
like poxed blankets
permeate us
our identity
our speech
our reflections
turn in shame

We're dirty creatures
we're ugly creatures
indulging in our shame
helpless and chained
to our fate:
bite the apple
buy the lie
sell the book
sell yourself

Bow and scrape
and pretend
that the world is flat
that to be naked
is to be ashamed
that life is a mistake
waiting for some
divine whiteout
live your life in waiting
in fear
in self-hatred
in denial
in a fiction that ends
not with a bang
but with a whimper

Do you believe that?

I for one
will bite the apple
reject the lie
live not in waiting
but in-fact
and worship at the altar
of this glorious mistake

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M S 27 December 2006

This kid has the goods. Take note and keep watching, he will only get better.

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