Ode To My Gallstones... Poem by black panther eyes eastick

Ode To My Gallstones...

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You have sat inside my belly
for so long now
it seems as if
you have become a part of me...
ten years i have carried you
felt you
felt the pain
as you created havoc
and ruin upon my body
i was not to know
of you exixtance
flashed before me
in a dream
in a vision
in a moment
when i placed
my hands on my belly
and discovered you....

i saw you there
a blockage
i had denied
too afraid to face
the inevitable
i saw
in two tight balls
my anger
my sorrow
my pain
locked inside of me.

now its time to say goodbye
as i did to my ex
he used to say i had bigger balls than he...
and sadly
or funnily
its true
my time has come
to be rid of these lttle fuckers
that hold me back from experiencing
a pain free exixtance
no more gut ache
or searing stabbing attacks
no more lower back ache
as the pain swirls
my adrenals work overtime
the silent pain
i do not share.

Found myself an angel
a surgeon
a man
whose wife is a big girl
and theres nothing wrong with that!
he fondly felt my belly
made me giggle and swoon
commenting on my great stomach muscles
(underneath the fat)
but he didnt say that.
he admired my bicepts
as he took my blood pressure
i said
its the yoga doc
keeps me fit
he said
i can see that
youre as strong as an ox
lets get you right.
with a twinkle in his eye
he handed me a pen
i signed the consent form
it is done.
im gunna be a new woman doc
i said
as i sailed out the door.

goodbye gallstones
its been a pleasure
its been a pain
a relationship i will not miss
without you though
how will i feel?
Its got to be better than this.....

Brian Dorn 16 May 2007

Great stuff, Sandy... very cleverly done. Possibly your best work to date... unique and brilliantly inventive! ! Brian

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Alison Cassidy 15 May 2007

Sandy you reveal so much of yourself in this honest, self-deprecating piece about pain and life and acceptance. Bless this beautiful doctor man who has the courage to care. I look forward to sharing the new Sandy minus balls! love, Allie xxxx

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Sidi Mahtrow 14 May 2007

Separation is such sweet sorrow. But how will you feel tomorrow? When the pain is gone Does that mean you're all alone? No more cares A new life, not like before, Nothing of which to beware, Yet the apprehension will be there. Like a stray cat or dog that returns Unless your living style changes one learns That gall stones are a product of your own transgressions That build and build until they have certain dimensions Then they send a message loud and clear WE'RE BACK, HOPE YOU DIDN'T MISS US, DEAR! s

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