Ode To The Earth Poem by john tiong chunghoo

john tiong chunghoo

Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia

Ode To The Earth

poetry in progress

the way you spin a game
of success on the theory
of ying yang, ever since you
took hold of the sky in your
winning azure blue and rich
potato brown you have sprung
so many surprises on us

as you twirl, you amaze
and unwittingly win
unrestrained applause

you hold onto the day
and night so dutifully
and evenly to unveil to
us the presents and
blessings of time

the greenery has sat up
straight to acquiece to
your discipline and some
stood up in glee for
a thousand years to join you
pouring out gratitude in a
maze of shapes and shades
multi hued flowers, freewheeling
leaves advertising their many
pointed shapes in the wind and
nuts so crunchy, fruits so sweet,
pulpy and healthy to the brim

so many have taken after their cue -
the butterflies carry sweet nectare
and a cryptic paradise to your circle game

the birds serenade bright and
cheerful notes in a cosmic rhythm
and tune to the soft streaming strokes
of your blazing luminuous conductor
cheering up the day

you energise, even night
refuses to bow out as it
juggles for actions with the day

it gently hangs out a lantern
for all to witnesss the soft shadows
and gentler quietness of nights
a privacy made for lovers

the owls compete with the moon
with their large glowing eyes
each carrying its own moon as they
absorb lunar energy to check out
on the little furry stealthy nocturnal creatures

the stars send well wishes all the way to
all the two legged, four legged,
six legged, and eight legged
who blast away their sweet love
odes in all the nooks and corners -
on the mountain tops, in the amazon
rainforests, over the oceans, in the rivers,
under a leaf, a fallen wood and
a million of hollow eyes that have
drilled their way into a driftwood

in a rose, an orchid, a carnation
everywhere you find creatures
cavorting holding onto shadows
of night to prove darkness will
never douse out the flame of love
but afford a sanctum for all to
merge and fertilise the day that
gives way to night and night that
gives way to day in - an everlasting


we wish love would
linger like the colours
of autumn a mood so
absorbing like the eons
we could spend ln
each other's eyes

time comes in circles
and the leaves play
them out so well
so green once and
now so red to accent their
triumph in keeping
the host so cheerful and alive
a new dress for every season

the wind comes as a friend,
to make sure the sendoff is
grand and full of dance and songs

they clap and slap
each other's back
to cheer each others up
they sigh, they cry their last
separation song before
diving into the circles of time

circle game of creation

Ency Bearis 02 October 2008

a nice ode..nicely narrated.. Ency Bearis

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Adam Day 02 October 2008

wonderful read

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john tiong chunghoo

Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia
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