Of Friends And Underwear. Poem by Pen Anthony

Of Friends And Underwear.

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Friends what i shall compare thee to
I think of this and that, perhaps the two
Underwear maybe, sounds like a good fit
A good fitting underwear is it
It makes you feel protected and supported
As you would in the company of a good friend.

There are fashionable underwear
Unknowingly obliged you try them
When you do, it's when a pool beckons
In them you look good, you dive in
You then realise they reveal
More than you're comfortable showing
You find solace as everybody in the pool is in them.

I shall compare these to
Schoolmates, workmates or mutual friends
You enjoy their company - sometimes a little too much
Yet you can't help but feel
That when your luck runs out you'll lack.
Forcing you to latch somewhere else.

Friends like underwear take many shapes
A G-string comes to mind
Its simplicity!
Did the inventor make it to save cloth?
I marvel at its intricacy
Yet today I'm interested in its analogical purpose.

A G-string is a friend
With whom your relationship is simple yet deep
They've got your back
(front as I'm comparing to a G-string)
Can we ask more of friends?
Rather can we ask more of G-strings?

Fashion trends are changing
Underwear is becoming more of an afterthought
But if you must wear one
I'd advocate the decision of picking one
Be allocated great time and thought
As you should while picking friends.

Sunday, October 11, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: life
Khairul Ahsan 11 October 2020

Friends and underwears, a comparison, but okay under poetic allowance!

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