When You Left Poem by Pen Anthony

When You Left

Rating: 4.8

For some time i stood there
at the spot that we had both stood
before you left me all alone
standing hoping that
you will turn back and see
i was still waiting
but you did not.
I cursed that spot and made a wish
that if you were to come back
let you not find me at that spot
clinging to claim what we had
surprisingly my wish came to pass-
if you ever come back
you wont find even my footsteps
for its now long due
and i redefined my journey
with a special person that is going to stick by me.

Titto Mutunguti 20 April 2019

I love your love poems! ! !

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Pen Anthony 07 October 2015

Thank you charity and nyota

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Charity Nduhiu 05 October 2015

It is always good to move on and think outside the box because life is continuous. May be the first one was never yours.

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Pen Anthony 13 June 2012

thank you shanice i appreciate your opininion

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Shanice Rodriguez 12 June 2012

I like this poem because I can compare to this, Nice Work

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