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Help me
Quit you
Wash me off
the fragrance of you

A mystery it is
as to how a heart can adore
yet find room to loathe
a mystery it is

For some time i stood there
at the spot that we had both stood
before you left me all alone
standing hoping that

All my life
I've creeped out of sorrows
I've crawled out of dissapointments
I've held on to broken dreams

Dear son
One day you'll be able to read
I hope you read this

He is eight just like her
But she can't understand why
He has a big belly
Just like her dad's

I wanted to write you a poem
Tell you how much I love you
Tell you how much you mean to me
I weighed it to see how much

Have you ever been on the edge
Not just any edge but that of life
I have!
That was supposed to be it

A good night's sleep denied
From a stretch of thoughts to her tied
Many distractions he tried
Yet when head hits pillow

when we met
the heavens clapped
my word i gave you
to hurt you never


I'll be thirty in months that
Number the fingers on my hand
Unlike teeth my fingers I have all

Don't love me
Don't promise me
Don't be fooled by me
Don't think you can tame me

Swallowed in thought,
she didn't notice him walk up to her.
A figure stood in front of her.
Before she could look up, he spoke.

I think it
I feel it
I know it
It's happened again


In my heart you live
but in my life you dont
In my dreams you live
but in my wake you leave

Lately i am robbed of sleep
By the thought of you
You come to me
As darkness comes to night

They say it's the blow you don't see coming
That knocks you out
She was that blow
Bro! Does she pack a punch.

I look in the mirror
there's a stranger
with a bitter expression
spread on his face

Sitting at his feet
I watched the embers of the room's fire
Burn in his teary heavy lidded eyes
Not that it was unusual but that day

You mean to me
what a flower means to a bee
at your side i'm meant to be
why can't you see

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I'm a free willed sparrow.)

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Help Me Forget You

Help me
Quit you
Wash me off
the fragrance of you
Take me away
From the sight of you
Help me forget you.

Break me out
Of the bonds of your love
Erase from my mind
The memories of me and you
Make me forget
The warmth of your body on mine
Help me forget you

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I write for pen and paper are always willing to accommodate my thoughts.

It's good to know the friends to ask for a loan and those to leave alone.

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Pen Anthony Popularity

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